Sunday, September 19, 2010

Open Letter to Councillor Maria Pearson

The following open letter, was submitted by Ward 10 contender, Bernard Josipovic. 

Dear Councillor Pearson, your recent quotes in the Stoney Creek News are very hurtful, exaggerated and untruthful. I am asking for some clarification to some issues.

On August 19th you stated that out of 1100 emails you received that 80% were in favour of the West Harbour location. That is why you voted for the West Harbour. (

As a Candidate in Ward 10, I am confused by these numbers because canvassing the Ward and talking to residents, I have not met one resident that shares your point of view, or that fits into this 80% category.
Perhaps you can direct me to some of these supporters. I feel this number is drastically fabricated to support your stance.

In the August 19th article you also say that “It would be devastating to pave over green space for a parking lot on the mountain,” in regards to the East Mountain location. This is your opinion and I respect it, but the hypocrisy that you have shown in our Ward is unbelievable. Just a month ago, your main point of an anti East Mountain site was protecting green space.

This week you state “I’m extremely proud of this development,” which to me is hypocritical. (
 A month ago you were against destroying green space and wild life, but this week you are very proud to destroy 30 acres of land in Ward 10 for 900 Units for Condo developments at Green Millen Estates.  I am not against development by any means if it is orchestrated right. Ms. Pearson you then go on to say that “We held public meetings and no one was opposed to the development.”??
This is where I am very upset with the way you mistreat the constituents of this Ward. I have received email, after email from residents conversing with you about the opposition for this development, up to a year ago.  Your discussions with them about the development and the lack of information you provide in these emails is very unfair.

The final nail in the coffin is that these very important meetings were held at 930AM on a Tuesday morning, when all of your constituents were not able to be present.  I have received emails of residents pleading with you to move the meetings for this touchy subject to a more convenient time, all which fell on deaf ears. There are many upset residents who you banish into the “no one” category.
As a Candidate, resident and voter, I am very worried about the way you run this Ward. It seems to me that no matter what the residents want in this Ward, you Ms. Pearson fabricate the numbers and the truth to your benefit at every cost.

Thank you for reading.

Bernard Josipovic

Note: Mr. Josipovic has assured The Hamiltonian that he notified Ms. Pearson of this open letter being submitted to The Hamiltonian. 


  1. We put our trust in Ms.Pearson in protecting our Turtle Ponds and our green space. Her statement that no one disapproved of the development is very misleading to the general public. Maybe she should open up her Inbox, or hold meetings at appropriate times so we can all attend. But I guess the best way of have no complaints about development is to hold meetings while the residents have to work and are unable to attend.
    Aaah politicians..................

    Disgruntled Ward 10 Constituent.

    1. I am also a resident in ward 10. The Losani project she has assisted pushing ahead on MacIntosh is a clear indication of her lack of green space in our ward. Very disappointing.

  2. Wow! And we thought that this was only happening in Ward 2! I'm tired of politicians NOT holding meetings with those impacted directly - their constituents - on matters that impact them (their constituents).

    This current council appears to be incredibly matri/patriarchal.

    When councillors (from other wards) vote in favour of something that is not wanted in another ward, it adds fuel to the feeling that we have to put up with the wishes of the city at large.

    Apparently this is not so in the case of the stadium and Ward 10. Thank you very much, Bernard, for bringing this to light! Wow!!!

  3. Bernard, you should expose all of her other misleading tales that directly relate to our Ward. I would love to share with you our story and experiences with Maria Pearson. She has to go.

    Ward 10 resident for over 20 years

  4. At some point, I think Maria was a good politician and representative. But now, she seems desperate and is not in tune with the people in her ward. No offence Maria, but I don't think you should have ran again. I think you should have stepped aside and let new blood in. Sometimes, it is just like that.

    Ward 10 chap


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