Friday, March 18, 2011

Fluoridation- Time to Say Goodbye?

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While The Hamiltonian continues to remain neutral on all issues presented on this blog, we allow for others to freely express their views on community issues. Please welcome Robert (Bob ) Innes, Henk & Vicki Wondergem, and Ria VanWissenas as they express  their views on fluoridation. Comments welcome. 

Fluoridation - time to say goodbye?
The Canadian public seems to be waking up to problems being discovered with Fluoridation. Recently the residents of Calgary and Waterloo have rejected Fluoridation, based on concerns over potential health impacts of the active chemical, which is generally hydrofluocilicic acid.
People worried about fluoridation of drinking water include:

It is therefore our opinion that the dental benefits of Fluoridation do not out-weigh health concerns, that proper brushing is a far better preventer of cavities (using fluoridated toothpaste as desired), and is less expensive for people than bottled water. Fluoridation should therefore be discontinued.
Happy brushing! Comments, volunteers welcome. For those so inclined, an online petition is being created at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stopfluoridatinghamiltonontario/ . Further information and plenty of links at robertinnes.ca

Bob Green Innes,  Henk & Vicki Wondergem,  Ria VanWissen.

Thanks to Bob, Henk and Vicki and Ria, for expressing your views on The Hamiltonian.

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The Hamiltonian received an interesting email for posting. An excerpt is found below. Also, check out the link to the song that was also submitted.

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  1. The City Of Hamilton's Councillors and Mayor can not make intelligent decisions due to "Brain Fog". They still listen to the Hoard of Health's recommendation to Mass Medicate Hamilton's Citizens against their will with Toxic Smokestack Waste Fluoride and waste $2,000,000 PER YEAR of Taxpayers hard earned money for the killer chemicals! UNBELIEVABLE! OINK, OINK, OINK!


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