Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Call to Lead - Opinion

It may be fair to think that McMaster is holding the city and the Board Of Ed's feet to the fire in imposing a tight deadline around the 3 way deal.

It may be fair to view the revelation that the city's contribution nets out to 20 million dollars less than originally understood, with suspicion.

It may be fair to question why swing space was not tendered.

It may be fair to question whether the city is prepared to do business with an entity that it is involved in a law suit with.

It may be fair to question the cost benefit or lack thereof, of tearing down the Board of Ed building in the core.

Crestwood vs. Jackson Square or other sites, may also be a good question.

The belief that The Mayor really wants this deal to succeed and he may stand to gain politically from it, may be speculation within reason.

It may be fair to worry about the fate of The Right House building if the swing space is settled as envisioned.

Council may be justified in believing that they have done their share, but yet are being held hostage by the time pressures.

And there are probably a dozen other things that would infuriate a reasonable person about this 3-way deal, which is starting to feel like a tug of war.

The responsible thing for the parties to do however, is to resist becoming enraged . What is required  is a shedding of these reactions, in favour of a clinical and dispassionate assessment of the benefits, costs and risks associated with proceeding. The three partners need to de-escalate the drama, in favour of a business-like examination of how and if to make this deal work.  An approach not driven by egos, not driven by political jousting, not driven by cavalier conduct, but driven by the best interests of Hamilton and the core intents of the partners, and as informed by a clinical approach to measuring and assessing the variables involved, is required. 

The ultimate decision that is made will leave a significant mark on our city, either by virtue of its success, or by virtue of it being regarded as another missed opportunity. The Hamiltonian hopes that the irritants, posturing, positioning and politics, give way to a reasoned and responsible approach to making a sound decision that is respectful of all interests; particularly those of Hamiltonians and the greater good. 

Our call to action is for parties who are negotiating this potential deal, do so in good faith, with a degree of mutual respect and sans the gaming and blame assignment that seems to be going on.

It's time to step back and have the parties ask themselves, what kind of a contribution do they want to make in the resolution of this matter. They should begin by embracing the call to lead. 

Teresa DiFalco
Publisher, The Hamiltonian


  1. Herman TurkstraMarch 06, 2012

    Thanks Teresa

  2. Thid deal is done like dinner.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I could not agree more. You have hit it dead on.


  4. Again it is the city that is holding up this process. We have 16 Mayors trying to be the lead. This deal has been going on for almost 2 years now, and why does the city, and 16 Mayors decide at the 11th hour , they want to change the process. Give your heads a shake and let this deal go thru. If not, I smell a lawsuits , a very large one coming down the pipe.

  5. "Our call to action is for parties who are negotiating this potential deal, do so in good faith, with a degree of mutual respect and sans the gaming and blame assignment that seems to be going on."

    Absolutely right! Don't they get that we are not interested in all the game playing? We want good decisions to take hold so that the city changes. Period!

  6. A voice of reason from Teresa DiFalco. How refreshing and encouraging.

  7. Very well put. A mature and sensible approach.

  8. Teresa

    The Hamiltonian has become much more than an alternate media source. It has become a trusted source of informed opinion. I did not take the survey yet, but I encourage you to continue providing opinions. You have become an valued voice in Hamilton and I hope your sense of reason and good sense is infectious. Congrats!

  9. gordon harropMarch 07, 2012

    I totally agree with Sorce, ver well put!!!!

  10. Hamilton from it's infancy was a city of entrepreneurs. Mr. Hamilton who helped develop our city didn't wait for government to make up their minds if they would help build the railroad that runs from Niagara Falls to Hamilton. He gathered support from other families living in Hamilton and together, they built the railroad with their own money... yes, eventually, the provincial government pitched in cash, but it was still the citizens who went ahead and did the building. Why? Because they knew it would be best for the city.
    Today, it feels as if that entrepreneurial spirit has gone by the wayside and has been replaced with the ever popular "What's in it for me" game that our city representatives seem to enjoy playing. The rules are still unknown to most of us, but it appears to be that time wasting, hot air blowing and sidestepping the issues are de rigueur.
    I think if Mr. Hamilton came back, he'd shake his head in disgust.

    1. Hamilton investors don't have the guts their parents had. They want to play it safe and have the government solve all. Pitiful

  11. Great opinion piece! I totally agree.


  12. Damned straight!

  13. Just a thought, I kind of like calling our councillors - Mayors! it is kind of "back to the future jargon"

    Now if we could change the name WARDS??(hospital terminology) to another name conducive to the constituets particular identity, it could prove to be a small change that commands different results - not the the same old!
    Is it not in part language which communicates/articulates, who and what we are as a peoples?



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