Thursday, November 29, 2012

Going After a Pearl

Gary Santucci of the Pearl Company has written to the legislative assistant in the city clerk's office, city council, the City Manager, and has copied The Hamiltonian and other media, in an email that seeks to have The Pearl's Company's nomination for a Heritage Recognition Award, immediately restored. The circumstances prompting his request, are captured in his email below:

Christopher Newman
Legislative Assistant,
City Clerk’s Office 

Mr. Newman

It has recently come to my attention that the Pearl Company was nominated for a Heritage Recognition Award 2012 and that our nomination was subsequently deferred to 2013 as we were involved in litigation with the City of Hamilton regarding zoning. Both of these events, the nomination and deferral occurred without our knowledge, however I am happy to report that on August 10, 2012 Justice Casey rendered her verdict on the case, ruling that the City of Hamilton failed to present evidence to support the charges against the Pearl Company. I have attached the relevant documents and would ask you to forward them to all of the members of the Heritage Committee so that they may immediately consider restoring our nomination for the 2012 Heritage 
Recognition Awards.

Sincerely yours
Gary Santucci

To view the documents Gary had attached, please click here and here. 


  1. Ya got every right to be pissed Santucci.


  2. The judge saw through all the BS and realized that the city was not even consistent with its own direction. It is another embarrassment for Hamilton. The Pearl should be recognized not only its Heritage, but the gutsy way in which it stood up to the backward ways of the city. I am just sad that Gary and his partner had to ensure so much needlessly. They are a fine example of how things can be turned around. The City owes them a very BIG apology! Which, they will never give.

    1. Totally agree with your words. Hamilton councillors and mayor should be very embarrassed!! Absolutely, there should be a public apology. Will the leaders of this city have the cojones to do so. Hmmmm...I'll withhold my opinion to give them a chance.

  3. Of course this is nonsense. But there has been so much nonsense associated with the City's vendetta against Gary and Barbara that it is no surprise.

    What is even more important is that the issue stems from an outmoded outlook on how to determine use of a city. When Eddie Friel, who managed the revitalization of Glasgow, heard about the fight over The Pearl Company, his response was "how come you're still using zoning?" Most contemporary urban planners consider the zoning approach as obsolete. Instead they look at encouraging mixed use with neighbourhood input. The "H" and "D" designations are from the 1950s. The new city plan does not use them. And yet, Gary and Barbara are being persecuted for not adhering to bylaws that no longer reflect even current city policies.

  4. As tenants of a building that is part of Gary and Barbara's "Pearl District", my wife and I can attest first hand that their efforts have had a beneficial effect on the area.

  5. Well it is always the way unless you have money or are connected here in the Hamilton you wont get anywhere. The Mayor himself should be looking into this and finding out why they are saying we want new business and opportunity but we will crush you if its not done the way the "rules" we ourselves make. Shame on Hamilton for all they have put these people through for wanting to bring music and culture to Hamilton.

  6. This is an "egg on your face" moment for city council. Much like the shameful play put on on Sept. 6, 2012 at GIC. It is time to leave Santucci alone and support him rather than interfere.

  7. Ward 3 Councillor Bernie Morelli, whose ward includes the Pearl Company, says he can't do anything to support the Pearl Company unless they follow the rezoning application process.

    What does Bernie Morelli say now?

  8. I anxiously wait to see how Mr. Newman replies. Let's get real, the Pearl Co. heritage designation was deferred because council has a beef with Mr. Santucci. Shame on council, and shame on Councillor Morelli for not advocating for his ward.

    Mary N.


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