Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Early Birds"- Trustee Edition- Meet Larry Pattison

Can you tell us why you chose to run in this election? What do you hope to accomplish?

Thousands of parents across this city (and the province for that matter), are upset with the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) process. I do not feel that closing schools it the direction our education system should be heading in and neither is ridding ourselves of vocational schools and schools that specialize in children with different needs. I also cannot endorse the idea of centralized schools no more than I believe in centralized employment. Each of us learn to our fullest potential best in different environments.

Since the beginning of public education, we have built schools to cater to the workforce. It’s time to create the environment in our schools that we want to see carry over into the workplace from walk-ability, decentralization, creating more individualized learning/work environments and engaging our communities in the decision making processes in a manner that actually leaves them feeling as though their voice does matter. Most of all, it’s time to bridge the gap between City Council. HWDSB and our community. I truly feel looking at our schools as community hubs is how we can reverse these closures and lead our education in a direction that is in line with one council, through the voices of its constituents, is heading towards.

Can you briefly describe your experience, and/or what you believe you have to offer as a candidate?

I have worked in office settings for some 20 years and much of that has been in a leadership role. I have spent a great deal of time in boardrooms, made presentations to hundreds of people and over the past couple of years, have delegated in front of city council numerous times. I have also been engaged with Council and Trustees expressing my thoughts, ideas and concerns regarding decisions being made that I feel are not in line with the city's wants to be 'The Best Place to Raise a Child.'

I have a profound passion for education. That fervor is even more so now that I have children in the system. There are many issues facing our society and throwing a little money at each issue will not solve any of them. I strongly believe that the best way to build a healthy and vibrant Hamilton, is to treat education and the community hubs that serve our neighbourhoods, as the most important fabric of our society.

  • Peer Health Educator at Sheridan College
  • Four years volunteering with Big Brothers Association (from being a Big Brother to a SOAR volunteer)
  • Four years Social Club Committee member at Cogeco Cable
  • Two years volunteer coach from Crown Point soccer to Scott Park baseball.
  • Volunteer with Hockey Initiation program at Scott Park
  • Served on three parent councils including Parkview Secondary School
  • Community volunteer attending several community and council meetings
  • Active in team sports since age 6: hockey, football, baseball
  • I recognize the importance of team effort and love engaging with people from my community of Ward 3.
Where or how can constituents learn more about you and/or contact you?

Calling the campaign office at 905-528-0307 is the best way to contact me. I can also be reached via email, Twitter, and the campaign website, Pattison2014.com, is currently being developed.

Thanks Larry for your submission to The Hamiltonian


  1. I don't know this fellow, but I like what I am reading thus far. All the best Larry, you have a good foundation.


    1. Thank you Darlene. Hopefully we will have a chance to meet in person in the days and months to follow.

  2. Good luck Larry. I'd like to ask what you feel about the closing of 3 schools to create one Mega school here in Ward 3?

    1. Although the response to your question warrants a long, impassioned discussion; which we will have in the days and months to follow, it is easy for now to give a quick, simple answer because I know it’s a view that thousands of others across Hamilton share.

      Closing community schools is not the answer and their is a laundry list of reasons and many faces, to the answers why.

    2. Thank you, Larry.

  3. While i respect your volunteering to sports, I question your comment about leadership, just because you have given presentations at a level that I would consider very business like, which ahs nothing to do with social issues.

    1. Scrap who would be your ideal candidate for any elected position?
      Put some names forward and stop all of the cryptic comments.

  4. Larry, I think you'd make a great Ward 3 Trustee and I for one am glad you are running.


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