Thursday, April 30, 2015

Basse's Bill

Earl Basse, who is transitioning out of the role of Integrity Commissioner and being replaced by George Rust D'Eye, has been the subject of controversy for some of his investigation reports and their conclusions. The result of those reports earned him the harsh criticism, (among others) by Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin. 

Two of Basse's more recent reports, one concerning Clr, Ferguson and journalist Joey Coleman, and the other concerning Clr., Maria Pearson have been billed as follows:

Investigation of Clr. Lloyd Ferguson:  $2,400.00 plus H.S.T.
Investigation of Clr. Maria Pearson: $19,725.00 plus H.S.T.


  1. M Adrian BrassingtonApril 29, 2015

    Tangentially connected to this article...

    1) I was chatting with a friend today about The Joey Coleman Affair, and I posed the question 'If the Councillor involved had a great reputation amongst Those Who Are Visibly Engaged in Things-civic (and who pushed and pushed for 'justice'), and the 'journalist' was someone people really didn't like, do you think this whole thing would have ended up as it is now?' The answer: 'No.'

    2) I find it fascinating that the default setting for so many Hamiltonians regarding Council, or City Hall in general, is at least 'negative', more often 'combative'. There's an adversarial, 'marking territory' thing that goes on. Combine this with those at Council who see their domains as fiefdoms and regard other wards as being 'at war' with theirs, it's no wonder that Hamilton's malaise carries on, unabated.

    1. Nahhh. I think when you assault someone, it is still assault.

    2. I think the suggestion that the actions of this Councillor would have been received differently under the assumptions you stated, is very far fetched. Most people have a morale compass.

    3. M Adrian BrassingtonApril 30, 2015

      'very far fetched' instead of merely 'far fetched'. LOL In the same vein as 'very unique'. Gotcha. : )

      This 'assault' issue (no, I don't see it that way, an assault. It diminishes what a real 'assault' is) brings to mind the backlash against the Baltimore mom who clipped the ears of her 16-year old son who'd been rioting.

      Amazing what passes for what's important in this city.

    4. When you resort to attempting to ridicule someone when you are losing an argument,you come across as childish

  2. We know what Basse was all about. What a terrible waste of our money.

  3. I looked at both these reports and I believe that neither can stand up to scrutiny.If the city is really interested in integrity, they would cancel these two reports and have them completely redone./ But we all know, that won't happen.

  4. $19,725.00 Cha ching.....

  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2015

    The consensus in Ward 10 seems to be shock that Pearson got back in. I think she benefited tremendously from a lack lustre mayoral race. Sad really.


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