Monday, April 27, 2015

Checking in with Mayor Eisenberger

Given the Mayor has been in office for over 90 days, we decided to circle back with him on the following:

Mr. Mayor: Shortly after your election, The Hamiltonian posed the following question to you (your reply is included)
What will your focus be in the first 3 months of your term?

Of course connecting with each ward councilor to begin a dialogue on their main issues, priorities and ideas for moving forward will be a primary focus of the early days in office. The first few months will include our efforts to frame the LRT discussion and look at establishing the citizens panel and its mandate. Another focus will be understanding the latest status surrounding US Steel, in particular pensioners, and formulating a plan for how the city can advocate in support of the steel industry. City staff has been working very hard in the last four years and I want to ensure my office continues to support that momentum.

Can you provide our readers with an update on all these fronts?

Mayor Eisenberger responded as follows:

“At the Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s Breakfast last week, I highlighted progress on the LRT front. We’ve had four meetings with the Premier and secured a commitment from the Province for capital funding. The terms of reference for the Citizens Panel are being developed now and my hope is that process is underway within the next couple of months. US Steel continues to be a prominent file, we’re hearing more about the process of the sale of the land and there is interest from the Hamilton Port Authority to acquire it. In the first four months of the term, we’ve developed a positive momentum around the council table; ward Councillors are championing a range of projects and priorities and we are working well together, while continuing to look at a long term view for the City. I’m continuing to focus on 4 major areas; economic development, transit, homelessness, poverty and affordable housing.”

For our readers who would like to view the PowerPoint presentation that Mayor Eisenberger delivered, click here


  1. M Adrian BrassingtonApril 28, 2015

    Aside from noting that an article about our Mayor hasn't been sufficiently intriguing to motivate anyone from commenting, I don't have much to say...save for wondering how those Hamiltonians who voted for him feel so far. But as he got in on a 'platformless platform', maybe they're content.

  2. According to some columnists, the atmosphere at the hall is much better now. Less tension since the Bratina days. Fred is more relaxed, approachable, friendly. So, we have now settled for a better mood as the measure of what's good for us. lol

    Only in Hamilton. No wonder we never get anywhere.

    1. jim grahamApril 29, 2015

      Bob is honest, forthright, combative, efficient, responsive, often demonstrated his frustrations.Fred is nice.(and unless poverty and homelessness are the same thing, he can not count to 4.)

    2. M Adrian BrassingtonApril 29, 2015

      Beautiful. Well said.

  3. Anyone can deliver a speech with a PowerPoint presentation. All that proves is that they have communications people and that they can read. What I am most interested in are ways of measuring outcomes and then watching a "leader" direct the efforts to achieve the outcomes. You will find none of that in this council or this mayor.

    But I enjoyed the pretty pictures in the presentation ;-)


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