Monday, June 29, 2015

Media Release: Clr Green - Town Hall on Electoral Reform


June 29, 2015

Councillor Green to Host Town Hall on Electoral Reform: 100 Remedies for a Broken Democracy

Hamilton, ON— Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green will host a town hall on electoral reform on July 9, 2015 at 6:30 pm at Hamilton City Hall. Dave Meslin will lead the discussion.

“Now is the time to ensure we engage in a discussion on how we can make our system more accessible, more fair, and more vibrant,” says Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Green.

Dave Meslin is the founder of the Ranked Ballot Initiative Toronto (RaBIT), and a co-founder of Unlock Democracy Canada. His 2010 TED Talk, “The Antidote to Apathy”, has over 1.4 million views. His Fourth Wall project explored 36 proposals to make local democracy more accessible and participatory. Currently, Dave is crowd-sourcing 100 Remedies for a Broken Democracy. The results of the project will be published by Penguin Canada, in 2017.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is currently undergoing a review of the Municipal Elections Act. The submission deadline for comment is July 27, 2015.


  1. M Adrian BrassingtonJuly 01, 2015

    Kudos to (my) Councillor Green for putting on this event. I've long felt that Dave Meslin should have been brought to Hamilton. (And had hoped that one of our civic engagement entities had done so.) Glad to see it happening.

    I am more and more impressed by Councillor Green. He's leading the way to better governance. Perhaps it's his age, bringing new energies, new insights to the job, perhaps it's his intelligence. Whatever the factors are that have allowed him to do what he's been doing, it bodes well for the future of Hamilton that we might see a new generation of Councillors at City Hall cut from the same cloth as Councillor Green. Well done, you.

  2. M Adrian BrassingtonJuly 09, 2015

    In contrast to the Campaign Audit soirée yesterday, this was a worthwhile evening. Election reform is coming (won't include term limits, sorry). Better elections ahead. Hats off to Councillor Green. (And to the star of the evening, Dave Meslin. What a gregarious, entertaining civic engagement pioneer and trailblazer.)

  3. I have been supporting electoral reform for several years. The alarming statistic is a long term participation rates in elections. The younger citizens tend to not participate. I recommend that municipal voting be decoupled from federal and provincial voting requirements; namely, residency and permanent status. Voter fraud is a non issue. Secondly, lower the age of voting incrementally to age 16 to be more inclusive facilitate more realistic connections to secondary school curriculums.


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