Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sign, Sealed and Deliivered

With a recent court decision that asserts Canada Post's position that their interests in installing community mailboxes, trumps the city's position, a clear message was sent concerning the hierarchy of rights in this instance. Clearly, the Federal government prevailed and city council is left to decide whether they should appeal the decision.

The Hamiltonian recognizes Clr. Terry Whitehead for leading the charge and fighting what turned out to be a very difficult battle.

In terms of whether the city should appeal, we ask for your thoughts.


  1. We need to move on. There are more important battles.

  2. I think we have to forget about this., It is unavoidable anyway and we should not always be fighting other levels of government. We have a bad rep as it is.


  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2015

    Hamilton seems to only pick loosing battles. It make me question the motive... for the betterment of Hamilton, or personal headlines???..

  4. Marvin RyderJune 21, 2015

    Work to make the move away from home delivery as smooth as possible but appealing a court decision (which was based on very sound legal judgement) is just a waste of money.


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