Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Motions in Motion

Moved by Councillor Sam Merulla ;

Whereas the Bank of Canada is looking at Canada’s economic well-being; and

Whereas there are indications that the Canadian economy is precariously positioned and could face an economic downturn; and

Whereas in 2008, the global economic recession affected cities and left local governments without policies to offset any impacts outside of the Federal economic stimulus program; and

Whereas the Federal Government is looking at its economic policies in an effort to address the economic challenges facing the country;

Therefore be it resolved:

a) That if during the 2016 City budget preparation, there exists a national structural deficit, that staff report back on potential actions to mitigate risks and;

b) That furthermore, if there is a national structural deficit, that staff also look at national and provincial policies and work with senior levels of government to ensure that the City of Hamilton provides its input as a key stakeholder in any economic policies intended to ‎assist cities.


  1. What on earth is Merulla trying to accomplish?

  2. Marvin RyderAugust 12, 2015

    Goodness. What a peculiar motion. I have occasionally complained that Hamilton City Council wanders into places where it has no jurisdiction. The national economy would seem like one of those issue. Part a) asks staff to report on potential actions to mitigate risks but whose risks? For citizens? For the City budget? For infrastructure? And what kind of risk? Non-payment of grant money? Personal bankruptcy? Part b) is also gobbledygook. I think it means that City staff provide input into any national or provincial programs being developed and that Hamilton work to ensure it gets its "fair share" of any of these programs. But I am pretty sure that is happening all the time now. Could this have something to do with the Federal Election? If Sam asked me I would tell him to save the ink and withdraw the motion.

  3. Agree with Ryder

  4. wow. talk about being out of touch with how the world works. Why don't we have a motion to end wold hunger too?

  5. whereas I have a tendency to over promote and under perform, grandstand and pontificate, and
    whereas I continually over step my authority and venture into areas where I possess no actual skill or knowledge, and
    whereas these same traits have enabled a culture of low expectations, and progressively diminished returns
    there fore be it resolved:
    a) I will author no more motions until I have restored confidence in our Public Works Department,and
    b) I will revisit my responsibilities as a Councilor and attempt to generate trust and respect from my fellow Hamiltonian's.

  6. Ah, Master Motion Merulla hard at work again. Sam, stop making silly motions and start working for the people who you represent.

  7. Sam needs to go back kindergarten

  8. Mr Merulla should of attended the talk by Ann Emmitt, COMERS, it is a lawsuit. They, COMERS have won two out of three rounds.

    The bank of Canada used to give out interest free loans, that is how universities, highways, st Lawrence seaway, etc got built.
    Too bad our municipal leaders lack integrity and bend over and take it up their....

  9. "whereas I have a tendency to over promote and under perform, grandstand and pontificate, and
    whereas I continually over step my authority and venture into areas where I possess no actual skill or knowledge.."

    its good jimmy has finally realized his shortcomings and confessed them publicly. its the first step.


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