Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Motions in Motion

The following noticeof motion was issued by Clr. Merulla this morning, followed by commentary from other councillors and Clr. Merulla:

Grey Cup Notice of Motion
Moved by Councillor Sam Merulla

Whereas the City of Hamilton is home to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club; and

Whereas Tim Horton’s Field is a new stadium and capable of hosting large sporting and entertainment events; and

Whereas the last time Hamilton hosted a Grey Cup was in 1996; and

Whereas hosting events at the new Tim Horton’s Field is an opportunity to showcase the stadium and community; and

Whereas there has been a commitment at the time of the stadium negotiations that Hamilton would host two Grey Cups within a 10 year timeframe upon substantial completion;

Therefore be it resolved that:

The City Manager and staff meet with the CFL and Hamilton Tiger-Cat’s Football club in an effort to

assist and determine how to realize the City’s desire to host a Grey Cup as soon as possible.

Thank you
(from Clr. Farr)

Dear Councillor Merulla....Excellent suggestion and pursuit!! Please count on my support!! Thanks Councillor Jackson...

Sam the Ticat lease states they are to host two grey cups in Hamilton
(Clr. Ferguson)

Yes, but the TiCats don't have the authority to grant themselves the Grey Cup. The CFL, does, hence the need to confirm the dates accordingly.

Thanks for the support.
Thank you,


  1. Can Sam be Grand Marshall? We wouldn't even require a formal parade, we could just "celebrate all things Sammy" City Works crews could busy themselves repainting one of those little Shriner's mini mobiles to resemble our giant methane sphere. We could outfit his eminence with a bull horn so that he can spew profanity to the throngs of assembled admirers. The route could just be a loop of "Pepsi-Cola Way" proceeding nowhere and wrapping up when he finally runs out of gas.
    Fortunately, I believe Mr. Merulla is about to learn the most valuable lesson of his political life. Hopefully his priorities will be refocused

    1. ....forgot the hat, one of those Admirals Trihorne Caps worn by Horatio Hornblower, in keeping with Sam's regal stature, keep him looking spiffy for the cameras.

  2. I agree with Sam, The Grey Cup is an event that will bring in real money from outside our region unlike the failed Pan Ams

  3. This is one of his better motions


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