Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Motions in Motion

Moved by: Councillor Sam Merulla

Whereas, the recent announcement from Metrolinx for LRT and GO will be transformative to the City of Hamilton; and

Whereas, the construction of LRT along the B-Line and A-Line will have significant impacts to stakeholders including local businesses; and

Whereas, the scope of this project is unprecedented in recent history; and

Whereas, to ensure the project is successful, a high-level of communication and engagement will be required; and

Whereas, Metrolinx and the City of Hamilton are beginning to establish a communications protocol to see the project through;

Therefore be it resolved:

1. That City communications staff be directed to develop a robust communications and community outreach strategy in partnership with Metrolinx; and

2. That the communications strategy be presented to the LRT Sub-Committee for approval.


  1. This requires a motion? God help us.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was ready the motion! You've echoed my sentiments perfectly.
      What's with all the motions from the good councillor?

  2. it is all about Sammy, all of the time. Never mind that there are 14 other councilors with identical powers and responsibilities, his eminence has no respect for-or confidence in-them. Never mind that there are current staff in place with precisely these roles, Mr. Merulla feels it is his place to undermine and demonstrate contempt for the existing structure (which he endorsed via a similar motion)
    He chairs a department which is a disgrace, which requires sustained influence and leadership in order to provide the sort of service we deserve, and he has done almost everything else instead. Attention deficit disorder?
    Quite a prize, that one.

  3. Living up to the motto Hamiltomn- the city of low expectations

  4. I wish to the Heavens above that someone would re-consider the Route! Just North of King between Barton and Burlington is tracks of land (pun intended) that would make so much more sense and capable of servicing all the way to Grimsby, without killing our King Street Businesses...It will also promote our water view and show the potential to further clean up that area.
    Enjoy your day Everyone!


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