Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Hamiltonian.....

The following is an email we received from one of our readers who has asked to remain anonymous. We are sharing it with you for thought and commentary

"  Hamiltonian

Watch as you will see a line of politicians from local ones to provincial and federal, line up and give sound bites to news agencies about how it is a travesty that U.S. Steele is leaving pensioners in a bind. It's the popular thing to do. Give a "caring sounding" sound bite and be on the right side of the issue.

What I would like to know however, is what these people did prior to the U.S. Steele deal going bad. Did they keep in touch with the executives  at U.S., Steele? Did they meet with them to get a sense for how things are going? Did they send the message that their involvement in our local economy is important and we want to ensure they suceed?

Or, are they just lining up now for the sympathetic, vote winning sound bite?"


  1. These are all excellent questions and I am hopeful that members of Hamilton's very own "Steel Committee" which is comprised of Mayor Eisenberger and Councilors Duvall, Farr, Green, Merulla and Whitehead will respond.

    The sad reality is that the long and slow demise of Stelco began in the mid 80's so I do believe to put all the blame onto USSC is a bit short sighted. Unfortunately, we live in a society where it is always someone else's fault and USS is currently in the cross hairs.

    I have become so cynical about our politics and politicians that frankly I don't believe anything they say anymore so yes - I believe they are all coming to the trough to feed on the carcass and the misfortune of all those impacted.

    It's what VULTURES do!

  2. I agree that there are too many who are quick to jumop on the supportive bandwagon, but AWOL when it counted. As a major industry in Hamilton (like it or not), poiliticians and staff had the responsibility to estblish to nurture, establish and maitain a good relationship with the company- no mattewr who owns it. I note that a lot of time was spent chasing Mayor Bratina wih respect to a complaint to the I.C. because he asked a question of Mutrray, following the reprecussions of Merulla calling the Premier a liar, and on it goes. With those shinanigans, who has time for leadership?

  3. you'll have to forgive Fred, he has been focused on the future as of late, and those pensioners are a pesky distraction.He hoped an open letter addressed to no one would set the matter to rest Scott has an election to win, and Sam is busy pursuing the Guinness Records folk with his "Motion a Minute Marathon" As for our 3 remaining wise men..........
    US Steel completed a purchase agreement with fixed assets and well established obligations. No one imposed these liabilities on US Steel-they were knowingly accepted. And now our courts see fit to absolve them of that key responsibility.Call me spiteful, but if they can not complete their obligations, then they can not be allowed to continue to operate.
    It seems inherently unfair that US Steel can continue to use the Canadian operations to secure business which is produced in other facilities.
    Employees used as pawns.Retiree's treated as fodder. We all care, and yet no really does anything


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