Friday, October 9, 2015


Hamilton, ON, October 9, 2015 – Statement from Mayor Eisenberger on the decision delivered today from Honourable Mr. Justice Wilton-Siegel regarding the US Steel motions.

Late this afternoon Honourable Mr. Justice Wilton-Siegel delivered his endorsement of USSC motions. Once the explanation has been released, City staff will assess whether or not to appeal this decision.

It is our understanding that the reprieve being sought is on health benefits. We understand USSC is still operating under a court monitor and is our understanding will continue to pay regular pension obligations to retirees. Losing health benefits will impact our USSC retirees, we are hopeful those in need can access existing Provincial programs such as the Trillium Drug Program.

The City of Hamilton will continue to monitor the CCAA process and work with both the unions and Province.

Mayor Eisenberger's concern continues to be for all employees, pensioners and their families who are affected by this situation.


  1. US Steal has done nothing positive for the company, the employees, the retirees, the city, the province, or the country. The feds are just as culpable for this mess. Shame on them all.

    1. Shame ?? Shame on them??

      I must disagree,in fact this is the best news to hit our city in years .you are taking the poor me approach and are not thinking of the city as a whole moving forward.Any issue that drives the steel companies out of Hamilton will be a positive for the city of Hamilton.
      I was born in Hamilton ,I am a Hamiltonian born and raised and I have no compassion for the pensioneers as I see this as the beginning of the total end of the steel industry in Hamilton over time,and athough 20,000 people might be losing their medical benifits who cares other than those effected { I find it hard to care} due to the fact that this is a blessing in disguise for most of Hamilton that live in the proximity of the steel plants. I for one have always found the steel plants to pose a detrimental health concern on our city, that was ignored because it brought taxes and jobs at the cost of depressed neighbourhoods in the immediate area surrounding US steel {that is why a house on Mayfair is so much more than a dump on Barton} as no professional wants to live in the north end surrounded by the steel plants and who can blame them.Hamilton is for the most part a dump ,this I place absolute blame on the steel plants,this I think is the obvious for most.Anonymous .. you stated shame on the feds !..why? I would think you could see the benefits to all of Hamilton in the coming years as the possibility of another steel company buying US steel seems remote and likely not profitable, would not the best scenario be remediation of those lands and not the on going status quo?? Since I was a child I have had to smell and breath the black crap that as been released into the air from the steel plants,so any reason or any cause that leads to the dismantling of the steel plants ,even if the final outcome means all pensions are revoked is a positive step forward for Hamilton .
      It is interesting that although many are blaming Harper for the demise of jobs in manufacturing,I am going to give my vote to Harper ion October 19th as I personally am not sympathetic to the pensioner as this would come across as misguided placement of sympathy !! I would need to place my sympathy on the home owners that live in that neighbourhood,neighbourhoods and sections of our city that have not benefited over the years from "Hamilton's so called revival" and taking into account that under the new{ Harper Asia Pacific trade deal} more jobs will be lost in steel and automotive industries I am giving Harper my vote. I think it is time to really move forward and stop crying and carrying on like the welfare, bum filled city that many believe we are or might be If you want to sit and wallow in self pity than vote in the NDP.
      Any action that destroys the long term possibilities of the steel plants is a positive for Hamilton in my opinion.
      Embrace change even if it is on the backs of those that paid there dues.

    2. an "investor" who denies contractual obligations,ignores financial responsibility and promotes failure as a means of avoiding accountability.What is holding you back?

  2. Mr. Graydon

    I agree that Hamiltomn will be better off when it sheds itself of the steel industry legacy and uses those lands for more relevant and worthy future pursuits.

    However, I do not agree on turning pour backs on the pensioners and employees. This is Hamilton where Hamiltonians do care for other Hamiltonians.

    1. Anonymous

      From my understanding US steel is in itself the largest secured creditor and US steel Canada is in fact obligated to pay the US parent company first and foremost for debts outstanding, This means that all pension funds and assets in Canada will be claimed by the US parent company. I do not believe that this is going to be reversed ...more I believe that the stripping of assets that were owned by US steel Canada and shipped back to the united states that started in ernest during the 2010 elections was the first many warning shots that should have been on the election campaign table as important issues relating to Hamilton's on going financial concerns...instead it was ignored by every candidate up for election including Fred our current mayor . Now that the courts have allowed this action of denying pensioners the medical benifits precedence as been sent for further reductions in benefits and I believe the unavoidably outcome will be a absolute refusal to pay any benefits what so ever and the 20,000 people that were relying on the income will be plain out of luck.
      I have absolutely no concern ..not due to any fault of the pensioners but I have resolved myself to the fact that your past and current mayor were neglectful in there duties to recognize the problem back in 2010..This is truly shameful !! Ask Fred and Bob why only now that any faint hope of reversing the outcome is support being verbally expressed ..this concern for the pensioners is false in every way and not sincere. Only now does Fred come to there verbal rescue !.Where were they during the proceedings ?? this is a shame.Now Bob Bratina a mayor that in my opinion did little to move Hamilton forward is running for the Liberal Party.is he not at fault ??as under his reign these proceedings were taking place. and so the rhetoric of what seems anything other than legitimate,heartfelt and or truthfull in spirt is more than to late in my opinion. More than likely no monies will be received by the 29,000 pensioners and those 20,000 will be left out to dry. I believe Bob and Fred are really not up for any job in politics on the grounds that even knowing what more than likely was in sight for those pensioners they remained silent as to the risks ,more it seems they distracted voters of the real concerns that were facing 20,000 Hamilton citizens.To me this is were I might tend to cry foul,as they failed the voters in so many ways. Try to remember that it was I that was trying to protect the pensions,pensioners and all that had a stake in US steels outcome.It was I that put options forward during the debates to try and make changes for a better outcome than what we now see before us. I will state that taking the job of mayor with what to me seems a complete understanding of Canadian and International bankruptcy laws or at least some under standing of business law would have served the interest of the voters just a little bit better,but instead they "sugar coated the problem" to death .They were" neglectful of there elected jobs" or they did not know better when they should have.

    2. you have definitely thrown your support behind the party that best reflects your values.The empathy for your fellow man,the accountability for big business and your pie in the sky visioning will keep you in familiar company.Hopefully Stevie and his troops will enjoy a similar political fate.

  3. I would ike to know what anyone on council has done to keep in touch with U.S. Steele and any issues. They are one of the biggest industries in Hamilton and at the very least, we should have been meeting with them from time to time. So, what Has Mayor Fred, Mayor Bob, past Mayor Fred done to be proactive with U.S. Steele? Or, what has anyone on council done? That's right, nothing. Because that's not what they do. It would take their time away from trying to be re-elected.


    For all that you said, I simply cannot understand a word of it. If you were to google " Bob Bratina and Stelco workers", you would see how involved Bob Bratina has been. The Stelco workers, in fact, saved a seat on the bus for Bob when they last went to Toronto.
    Please vote for Harper Graydon, It makes sense to me. PS I can't speak for Mayor Fred.



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