Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MEDIA RELEASE-GTHA Mayors and Chairs Call on Federal Party Leaders to Address Infrastructure Deficit

Hamilton, ON, October 7, 2015 - GTHA Mayors and Chairs Call on Federal Party Leaders to Address Infrastructure Deficit

Mayor Eisenberger, alongside other GTHA Mayors and Chairs met yesterday at Toronto City Hall to discuss areas of shared concern. Resulting from the discussion was the unanimous agreement to call on federal party leaders to address the infrastructure deficit in our region.

Co-Chairs Toronto Mayor John Tory and Durham Regional Chair Roger Anderson signed the attached letter on behalf of municipal leaders; and encouraged other GTHA Mayors to add their signatures as well.

Recognizing Municipal governments need a strong federal partner in meeting the needs of the region’s growth and approximately six million people, Mayor Eisenberger and other GTHA colleagues look forward to responses from the party leaders.

About the GTHA Mayors and Chairs - Since the 1990’s, municipal leaders across the GTHA have met two or three times a year to find common approaches and solutions to pressing issues.

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