Thursday, November 26, 2015

Difficult Questions

The following questions were posed to Clr. Ferguson and Mayor Eisenberger regarding the Coleman incident. We have not received a reply from Clr, Ferguson. Mayor Eisenberger's office advised that the mayor has nothing further to add at this time. 

The following were the questions we posed:

Question to the Mayor: Mayor Eisenberger: 

The matter of the altercation between Clr. Ferguson and Joey Coleman, in which Clr,. Ferguson physically pushed Mr. Coleman, continues to garner attention. Part of the reason may be that despite the report of the previous Integrity Commissioner, and despite a police investigation, many believe that the end result does not seem to be appropriate or look well on our city.

Former Councillor Brad Clark was quoted as saying “ The fact that a Chair of the Police Services Board assaulted someone and never saw a courtroom, is a problem”. Do you agree with this statement in whole or in part? Whether or not you agree with the statement, do you believe that the matter has reached an appropriate conclusion and are you comfortable with Clr. Ferguson remaining is his roles?

Question to Clr. Ferguson: Clr Ferguson:

It seems that a new round of theories have emerged, based on the missing pieces of video footage of the incident between yourself and Mr. Coleman. You have stated that the published piece captures the incident in full and that there is nothing else to see. In light of that, some may be wondering why you attempted to have the video repressed. What were you trying to accomplish in doing so? Can you provide clarity on that front in order to prevent the spinning out of more theories.


  1. Very relevant questions. By Mayor Fred not answering, he did answer. The question begged to find out whose side is he on. The side of doing what's right or the side of covering up for one of your own, I am very dissapointed. He's suppossed to be the leader.

  2. The fact that a video was in any way altered when an issue like this arises wherein there is an assault claimed, however, minuscule, makes a mockery out of any appearance of justice or fair play at City Hall. This amounts to tapering with evidence that the Police could have relied upon in clearing or finding guilt to the accused Councillor Ferguson.
    Whomever it was that edited the tape should be charged with tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.

  3. I would ike to thank The Hamiltonian for having the balls to ask these questions. Just began following you on Twitter. Good Show!


  4. Where can i get your paper?

    1. Hamiltonian AdminNovember 26, 2015

      At present, The Hamiltonian is an e-publication.

  5. In my view, if Ferguson wants us to beleive that he was truly sorry and that he learned something from the incident, then why is he not responding to The Hamiltonian's questions? This shows that he really has not learned anything if he continues to disrespect journalists and media. He should step down right away.


  6. I really enjoy The Hamiltonian. However, I don't understand the continued concentration on this matter. We need to put it in the rear view mirror. There are so many other issues coming up that need to be concentrated on. Such as the LRT planning, look at the cost overruns and delays already being experienced in Waterloo Region. Refugees, Hamilton is a welcoming centre when so many of our citizens struggle with poverty, drug addiction, inadequate housing etc presently. Contrary to popular belief, I for one still don't feel safe downtown, yes there has been pockets of improvement but having attended a recent event at Copps and having to speed walk back to my car dodging groups of intimidating people and garbage and who knows what else along King St let focus on that. More police is not the solution as we can't afford the salaries and benefits, lets start helping people.

    For me, the Ferguson matter has been dealt with, some may not agree with the results. I reviewed the video and was quite surprise the Mr. Coleman would appear to eavesdrop on a private conversation. I'm not saying physically touching him was appropriate but can appreciate the displeasure of having a "media" person intruding on a private matter.

    You may not like Mr. Ferguson but he was recently re-elected a year ago and that needs to be respected. People call for him to step down from the Police Service's Board but I ask, which one of the Councillors would be better equipped to replace him??

    I don't always agree with his positions but respect that he has been re-elected and is bringing a new perspective to City Council as he is not a career politician.

    Having worked for the City in the past and with former Councillor Clark and Councillor Ferguson I can say that I trusted and respected Councillor Ferguson more and was never intimidated by him as opposed to how I felt with Mr. Clark. I really don't take Mr. Clark's opinions to heart.

    I also don't blame the Mayor or Mr. Ferguson for not replying to these questions. If you agree with the conclusion or not, the matter has been dealt with, an election has occurred and we need to move on and focus on the future of this fine city.

    1. I couldnt disagree more. We have to stop letting our politicians get away with abhorrent behaviour and I congratulate all the media outlets who won't let thjis go. Maybe The Hamiltonian can tap into their connections at CNN? Just a suggestion.It would probably go viral from there.

    2. Hamiltonian AdminDecember 01, 2015

      Anonymous #1. Thank you for your comment, as evidenced here, with our friends at The Spec and Raise the Hammer, this story contiues to be newsworthy. There are many other matters of significance we are covering. You may want to read this: http://www.thehamiltonian.net/2015/11/the-secret-of-our-success-and-other.html


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