Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Link of the Moment

The much anticipated release of video footage showing Clr. Ferguson laying hands on journalist Joey Coleman is now available and can be seen here on a link from our friends at CBC. Click here to go there.


  1. Thereis no excuse for this behaviour. Ferguson could have spoken to Coleman, asking him to leave. Instead he pushed him. That was his choice. He should step down.

  2. If the city is claiming that there isn't a second incident then why won't they release the next 15 secs following the footage of the first incident? Why does is it cut short as soon as the first incident takes place. Personally, I don't care if there is a second incident because the fact that this happened in the first place is absalutely shameful. I am disgusted that Councillor Ferguson was not removed from office and banned from running for office ever again.

    Mr. Coleman was assaulted by Councillor Ferguson, it was caught on camera so there is no dispute that it didn't happen, yet nothing is being done about it.

    What if the tables were turned? I would bet that the outcome would be very different.

  3. Sylvia- the hockey momNovember 25, 2015

    OMG. What if he fell backwards and goit a brain injury. Then what? Disgusting that nothing was done

    Sylvia (The Hockey Mom)

  4. in a culture of low expectations, transparency is obstructed in an effort to pervert justice, accountability quickly turns to entitlement, and instead of shame we get defiance and are blamed for creating a stressful environment
    Ask Mr. Ferguson and he will confirm he is in position to lead, not to serve. To tell, not to listen.
    When it comes to Lloyd, we got what we bought. Nice work if you can get it

  5. Maybe I can bring some perspective here.

    On the scale of henious violence, this would score very low. It was a push that resulted ina journalist almost losing his footing and falling. So, I, understand why the police did not lay charges. I doubt they would do so in any other case with the same kind of push.

    But, Ferguson is an elected official and with thast title comes responsibility and accountability. Sure he apologized and made a donation to a charity, but this is not an appropriate response. An appropriate response is to step down from his duties This was a fatal incident that did not deserve lip service, but real action in the form of stepping down.

    Ferguson then tried to prevent the release of the video by loging some sort of privavcy complaint. Again, a very inappropriate reaction.

    The only appropriate reaction is for him to step down, and he could still do that.

    In the meantime, he and the city have damaged their reputations, credibility and have proven that they cannot be entrusted to truly represent the people.

  6. At what point do we start to consider a petition to have councilor Ferguson seriously consider doing the right thing and step down?


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