Thursday, November 12, 2015

Media Release: Engineer John-Paul Danko. P. Eng. Announces Candidacy for Central Mountain Council Seat

Hamilton, Ontario – November 12th, 2015 – 38 year old Central Mountain resident and professional engineer John-Paul Danko promises to bring his career experience building bridges (literally) to City Council if elected in the Ward 7 byelection (scheduled for March 21st).

“I don't see a seat on council as a career move or a political stepping stone. I am a professional engineer and a small business owner - not a politician. I solve complicated problems for a living and I would be honored to bring that same approach to City Council.”

“I am running for council because I believe that we need a Councilor with real world experience in industry and business – someone non-partisan with deep roots in Ward 7.”

“I was born at Henderson Hospital. I grew up on the Mountain. I went to school on the Mountain. I graduated from McMaster University and now I am raising my family on the Central Mountain. I am your neighbour in Ward 7.”


John-Paul Danko
11 Buchanan Street,
Hamilton, ON
Ph: 905 8185711

Note: As per our policy, The Hamiltonian remains nuetral in this and all political races and is open to publishing prress releases of all candidates, in accordance to our policies. We will not allow any persoanl attacks or any other unprofessional comments. 


  1. I offer my appreciation for your desire to serve, good luck to you. With a couple of fine candidates, it looks like it may be an interesting race

  2. I am glad that Mr. Danko is running. I don't know a lot about the other copmpetitors yet but I have seen the media guy on Cable 14 pitching softball questions to existing councillors. We don't need anyone cut from that same cloth. If Hamilton is ever going to chnage, we need a sea change in the current councillors. Even the ones who had showed promise at the start, eventually simply fell in line. So, sea change is what is required in order to have Hamilton move forward.

  3. I really appreciate the comments! It was a big decision to enter this race, but the more people I talk to, the more confident I am that its the right decision. It will certainly be a difficult campaign with a large field of candidates - but I'm really looking forward to kicking things off on Dec 10th.


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