Monday, November 2, 2015

Office of Councillor Ward 7- Vacancy

Click here to read a report respecting the Council Vacancy – Office of Councillor Ward 7, which will be added to the November 4th GIC agenda


  1. Maybe Scott or his party could fund this significant cost to Hamilton taxpayers as he served less than one year on the new Council? Or maybe area rate the cost to those in his new boundary so the rest of us don't have to pay? His election as an MP will have little influence or benefit to greater Hamilton taxpayers given the dismal results for the NDP. He'll get a nice pension though from us taxpayers.

  2. The NDP should pay for it. They are the ones who selected him under their banner. To add insult to injury they will select and fund another waitress or bus boy or union hack to run as a Councillor and the nut bars from ward 7 will vote them in.

    1. interested to hear how you would categorize Mr. Farraway, who has acknowledged he will be pursuing the vacancy. Did he once wait on tables, or has he ever attended a union rally? The nutbars eagerly await your informed opinion

    2. Mr. Farr-Away despite his name has been quite close to the local political scene through his media work. Is he independent or is he supported by the NDP? That I don't know. The nutbars must check it out.

  3. I think Teresa should run!

    As far as the costs go, this has happened in the past...possibly changing the Election dates so that this does not happen or have the Provincial or Federal Party pay for the costs could be explored.

  4. I find it completely irresponsible and self serving when a politian runs in an election, all along knowing their plan is not to stay in the position but to run for another office. I have no respect for people that waste tax payers money. Scott should be accountable to fund the cost of the by-election.


  5. I live in Ward 7 and I would totally support Teresa to run!


  6. The lack of respect lays at the feet of the Provincial Government whose legislation permits a Councillor to run in a Federal Election during his/her term. Is it any wonder the NDP have fallen into disrepute of anyone with 1/2 a brain! Even a broadcaster has to quit their job during an election.


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