Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7- Candidate Phil Bradshaw

In our series entitled "7", The Hamiltonian will provide all candidates who are registered to run in the Ward 7 by-election, equal access to The Hamiltonian to get their message out. As per our standing policies, The Hamiltonian will remain nuetral and will allow all an opportunity. Our series continues with Ward 7 candidate Phil Bradshaw. Enjoy our Q/A with Phil:

1. Why are you running for Ward 7 Councillor? What are you hoping to achieve by doing so?

Community First

1) running because I would like to add a new perspective and I am hoping to create a sense of community within Ward 7, where everyone can participate and feel that they can add their views to the conversation, whatever that conversation may be,, on any issue that might come up.

2. What do you think are the most pressing issues facing the Ward and facing the city as a whole. How would your contributions help to resolve these issues?

One of my objectives is to tend to the well being of the constituents, work for them and bring their concerns to CIty Hall. Often times people do not believe that their voices will be heard and this is something that needs to be changed. One issue is a more visible presence of the Police in our ward's shopping districts. Where we used to have a policing station located in the centre of Concession Street, it has been taken away for whatever reasons and that, according to the merchants and neighbours, has made a big difference in what they see happening on the street. I would like the people of Hamilton to take pride in their city, where they live, work and play. This is our City and we need to take ownership of our neighbourhoods, whether the issue be small or large.

3. What is your current assessment of this installation of City council? Are you satisfied with their performance. What, if anything, might you add to council that would be unique or new?

Young people like myself can bring a new perspective to City Council along with the new councillors that were voted in during the last round of elections. I am sure that together, as well as the more seasoned councillors, we could work for a better Hamilton by making decisions that will benefit all of us. If in the past unpopular decisions have been made, I am sure with continued conversation and brainstorming all the councillors can come together and make decisions that will benefit not only the individual wards but all the citizens of this great city.

4. How can people reach you to ask you about your position on matters or to otherwise engage with you?

People can reach me through my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Philip-Bradshaw-for-Ward-7-Councillor-979598868778970/?fref=ts or by phone or email 905 929-6845 and phillage13@gmail.com

5. Tell us a little about yourself, on a personal note. Your hobbies, likes, dislikes, background etc. Anything that would have people get to know who you are on a more personal basis.

Taking care of my family and putting community first

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love Hamilton! I would like to have the opportunity to put community first in Ward 7.


  1. I have lived in this ward for almost ten years and have always been a fan of Scott Duval.

    I believe that Philip will be able to do a great job with following in Scott's foot steps. Philip's beliefs and dedication to put our community first is what is needed at this time and he will do a great job leading us all to do the same.

    He has my vote

  2. I am so happy to see someone who cares about local opinions and bringing them forward to benefit the community. Phil is such a wonderful person who truly cares about the well-being of the people around Ward 7. I will most definitely be spreading the word and voting for him!

  3. Phil Bradshaw would make a great counsellor for ward 7, I have worked with Phil on many occasions,(charities),in the past, awesome to work with. He lives and works in the ward, he understands what the ward needs. Fresh blood in city hall is what we need and I believe Phil Bradshaw can and will provide it for our ward. Steve vucko

  4. I am voting for Phil Bradshaw, I have worked with Phil on many charity events in the past as well as the concession street B.I.A. we always talk about new blood and the changes they can make at city hall, Hamilton this is our chance, he lives and works in ward 7,Phil can make things happen.

  5. Phil Bradshaw would make a great counsellor for ward 7, I have worked with Phil on many occasions,(charities),in the past, awesome to work with. He lives and works in the ward, he understands what the ward needs. Fresh blood in city hall is what we need and I believe Phil Bradshaw can and will provide it for our ward. Steve vucko

  6. I've known Phil Bradshaw for many years and he's a tremendous man who is well suited for this position. He's very smart and committed he gets things done I wish him well in this vote

  7. The only specific concern I see that you have is the lack of police presence on Concession. While being a victim of crime, or observing a crime taking place, is scary, compared to other cities, Hamilton does not have a major crime problem. On the other hand, Hamilton, including, Ward 7, has a problem with the lack of affordable housing and efficient public transportation. Ward 7 is a big place beyond Concession. Stonechurch Road only has bus service every half hour, and there are few shelters. Last year, the Spectator showed that a large part of Ward 7 comes under the category of lower income. Beyond promising no rise in taxes (which is a typical promise from candidates), what would you propose to do to help the people of Ward 7?

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  9. Hamilton may not have a major problem with crime, as you say, but it is a concern that has been voiced by the constituents in the Concession Street area, and for the residents who live to the north of the ward it was a convenience that has been taken away. As for the issue of bus service that you bring up, I understand your frustration given that I also use public transportation on a regular basis. Perhaps with community support we, as a ward, can impress upon the City to review the transportation situation within the southern portion of our Ward 7. Housing is also an important issue and we will see where the City is allocating taxpayer money in the short term, in the months to come. I propose to fight for the residents of this ward as and when issues arise and bring their concerns to City Hall, for we all know too well what happens to promises that are made before elections, and I like to think that I will be able to deliver on the issues that concern the constituents.

    Philip Bradshaw

  10. Ward 7 Public Transportation Challenge

    Well today was a successful day! We took a total of 12 buses in Ward 7..Started at 8:25 AM -2:46 PM
    Started at Upper James and Mohawk Road
    8:25 AM - 8:37 AM - #27
    8:42 AM - 8:59 AM - #35
    9:02 AM - 9:16 AM - #44
    9:28 AM - 9:37 AM - #23
    10:25 AM -10:33 AM - #25
    10:57 AM -11:25 AM - #26
    11:25 AM -11:58 AM - #22
    11:58 AM - 12:17 PM -#24
    12.27 PM - 12:44 PM - #43
    12:44 PM - 1.51 PM - #20
    1:56 PM - 2:11 PM - #41
    2:29 PM - 2:46 PM - #21
    At 2:57 PM arrived safely in front of Mohawk College
    P.S. - Don't mind the shape of the map it was a wet day!

  11. After reviewing all 22 of the candidates personal views and objectives for Ward 7, I have come to this opinion.
    If you ‘read between the lines’ you might notice that some of these candidates truly do want what is best for the community as well as Hamilton as a whole. Some of them I think might be more interested in glamming up their resumes.
    After careful consideration, and a little research, the one that overall impressed me, is PHILIP BRADSHAW. I will therefore be offering him my FULL SUPPORT.
    I believe Mr. Bradshaws visions on what the residents of Ward 7 expect of a Ward Counsellor are favorable. I personally appreciate having someone approachable and level headed to fight for our rights and address our concerns to city council.
    Mr. Bradshaw has a personal interest in the community as it is the one that he has always called home and has planted his roots here by launching his own business, BulletProof Heating and Cooling right on our own Concession St.
    He has already demonstrated a commitment to bettering the community by founding the Concession Street News, Charity Bowling events and has been working side by side with Mountain Kids Klub.
    The only thing this man can’t do is… change my vote. Lol


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