Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7- So Far.....

As mentioned, The Hamiltonian is committed to providing equal and fair coverage to all candidates who are registered to run in the Ward 7 by-election. 

In case you have missed the candidates featured thus far, here are some quick links to them, allowing you to easily compare their positions and answers to our questions:

Robert Bolton- click here
Phil Bradshaw- click here
Bob Charters- click here
John Paul Danko- click here
Doug Farraway - click here
Timothy Gordon - click here
Chelsey Heroux- click here
Greg Lenko - withdrawn
Geraldine McMullen - click here.
Glenn Murphy- click here. 
Anthony Nicholl- click here
Jeanne Lise Pacey- click here
Uzma Qureshi - click here
Howard Rabb- click here
Donna Skelly - click here
Damin Starr -click here
Lou Vecchioni- click here
Robert Young - click here
Hans Zuriel- click here

This list will be updated as new candidate submissions are received. 


  1. I live in the ward. I am glad I was told about this place. this is the best coverage I have seen so far. Do you have a paper and when is it printed? Weekly?

    1. Hamiltonian AdminJanuary 13, 2016


      Welcome and thank-you. At present, The Hamiltonian is an online publication only. You can be alerted to new articles by looking to the right of this page and clicking on the bottom that reads "Subscribe Now." You will get notified by email of significant new articles that are published.

      The Hamiltonian Admin

  2. The Upper Wellington bus was completely packed today after work. Yet, how many candidates even mention public transit? All I hear is that people on the mountain only want to drive their cars, yet at times, it's standing room only on the bus.

    1. I talk about it frequently. The Mountain does not get its fair share in infrastructure dollars or cash for transit. 700 people a week are left behind on the Upper James route because buses are full. We have similar problems on Fennel and others.

      We can solve this problem by re-opening the Wentworth Transit Barn and shifting buses back downtown for storage. We presently have 226 buses in a building that is only capable of storing 225. That's a huge part of the problem.

  3. Very good discussion happens on these threads. Good luck to everyone who has registered. May the best person win.


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