Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Channel Zero's Statement to The Hamiltonian re: Job Losses etc.

On the heels of learning of the loss of jobs of our friends at CHCH, we asked Romen Podzyhun of Channel Zero the following questions:

1. It appears as though bankruptcy has been filed, which, amongst other things, allows the company to by-pass any severance requirements that would otherwise be available to its employees. The impact of this has left many employees feeling abandoned and betrayed. Can you comment as to why this measure was taken without pre-warning employees. Or had such notice been given?

2. What do you say to those employees who do feel abandoned and “kicked to the curb” as per the descriptions that have been used by some employees?

3. A sub set of employees apparently were retained to serve in various capacities. What criteria was used to make the determination as to whom would be retained?

4. Is there anything you’d like Hamiltonians to know about this decision?

In response, we received the following reply from Chris Fuoco, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Channel Zero.

We shared with the union this past Summer just how dire a financial situation that CHCH was in. The nature of bankruptcies is that they happen quite fast and we regret the impact that this decision had on employees. It was a difficult decision to restructure but the alternative was to go dark, terminate everyone and cease operations completely – and silence institution that has served Hamilton for over 60 years. We structured our approach to maximize, in the circumstances, what employees receive both from us and other government programs such as WEPPA (Wage Earner Protection Program Act). Of the 129 full time employees, 58 were offered positions with the new company. As of yesterday, all but 4 agreed to join the new company. We want to thank Hamiltonians for their patience and support during this difficult time.


  1. Where can I get paper version of The hamiltonian?

    Thanks in advance

    Susanne Trembley

    1. Hamiltonian AdminDecember 15, 2015


      Thank-you for your question. The Hamiltonian is presently an online publication.

      Thank-you for reading

      The Hamiltonian Admin

  2. I no longer watch CHCH TV. The programming and especially the news is a joke. Bloomberg sucks. Some superstation!

    FYI: Here's what Mark Hebscher had to say about how he and fellow employees were treated - http://www.markhebscher.com/the-untimely-end-of-my-t-v-career

    Here's what other employees have to say about the way they were treated: http://www.vanmeerfreepress.com/the-crtc-arent-the-only-ones-to-blame-for-the-failure-of-chch/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=socialnetwork

    Matt Hayes went even further on tv this morning but the clip is unavailable. He shows his disgust at how everyone was tricked out of their due wages etc.

  3. The employees should have be paid a severance whether it is in a contract or not. Contrary to what Hebscher thinks this happens all the time. I understand how upset everyone is. I don't know the good way to tell people that the company is bankrupt. They should have got a severance though. It is not like this financial situation occurred overnight. What is different here is that we have people who have websites, blogs, twitter accounts, social media that can share what happened and how they felt and currently feel. What insight to how many others have been treated.

    I feel strongly for those that didn't work in front of the camera, who aren't popular and who I'm sure earned a lot less. I wish them all the best of luck in finding other meaningful employment. I'm also concerned about people like Cindy who was in front of the camera, wish you and the others who are middle aged with young children all the best.

    After reading Hebscher's rant, I ask, why didn't you leave a long time ago if things were so bad? Management was so stupid and you knew so much more and what makes television work? Did you not see the writing on the wall? Must have been tough getting up everyday going to the hell hole you describe it and working for idiots for what, 6 years? I don't have a lot of sympathy for someone like you.

    A lot more people less fortunate then you are suffering.


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