Friday, December 18, 2015

Media Release: Statement from Mayor Eisenberger regarding Chief De Caire’s Retirement

Statement from Mayor Eisenberger regarding Chief De Caire’s Retirement

HAMILTON, ON – December 18, 2015 – “It is with great surprise that I recognize Chief De Caire upon his retirement announcement, and acknowledge his six years with Hamilton Police Service," said Mayor Eisenberger. He leaves the service after leading us to reductions in violent crimes and through his tenure has launched numerous new and innovative programs. I wish him much success in his new role. 

The Board, in doing its work of oversight and governance, while adhering to the Police Services Act, is dedicated to the pursuit of public safety and we will remain committed to setting the objectives and priorities for the Service.

Following the holidays, we will be embarking on the search for the new Chief and we will seek, through that selection, to continue to keep our citizens safe and to ensure that public safety is our number one priority of the Board. “


  1. Was there no notice provisions in his contract. This is crazy that the Chief can announce his/her retirement in less than a month. Funny how people are commenting on the Spec about taking a pay cut. He'll make more now with his pension from the police force and his new position at Mac then he does now. He'll be fine. Just shy of $300,000 per annum. Like former Deputy Chief Leenhurst (sp) working as a director for the city taking a job away from someone without the golden pension. When will the people lining up from the trough end? Once you retire, be thankful that you have a pension that was funded 50% by the taxpayer and leave the positions for those trying to advance and make a living and provide for their families.

    1. in Hamilton, if you want to be successful you have to be willing to kiss the butts of the politicians. if you are a true leader, such as chief to care, you willnot stand for politicians who are inept. we will never be able to attract and keep good people until Hamilton cleans up all the toxicity

    2. 72% of HPS cops didn't want Chief Don't Care back. His abrasive style irks many. Good riddance. Good luck to Mac students and staff, esp. if a woman or minority. Carding coming Jan 2016?

    3. I agree with the first anon. True leaders get eaten up in Hamilton due to the mediocre or poor leadership at the local council level. Sad really> i wish the Chief all the best. I am sure we will get a new chief who will bow to councillors ;-(

  2. A stupid statement from the Mayor "after leading us to reductions in violent crimes"


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