Thursday, January 28, 2016

7- Candidate Donna Skelly

In our series entitled "7", The Hamiltonian will provide all candidates who are registered to run in the Ward 7 by-election, equal access to The Hamiltonian to get their message out. As per our standing policies, The Hamiltonian will remain nuetral and will allow all an opportunity.

Our series continues with Ward 7 candidate Donna Skelly. Enjoy our Q/A with Donna:

 1. Why are you running for Ward 7 Councillor? What are you hoping to achieve by doing so?

I’m passionate about Hamilton, the great future ahead of this city, and determined to help people – especially those who are frustrated because they feel no one is listening and they need a voice.

As the local union representative (President, Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union, Local 1100), I was a strong voice for fellow CHCH-TV employees -- both in 2009 when I led the grassroots effort to save the station, and more recently with what we all saw happen last year and the months leading up to it.

I’m also proud to have championed the cause of Hamilton’s parents of adult children with developmental disabilities and to have achieved results for them.

This is the kind of advocate for the people of Ward 7 that I hope to be as your Councillor. Ward 7 is a
key part of Hamilton – the ambitious city. We have bright days ahead of us and I look forward to being a strong advocate for Ward 7 and Hamilton at the table.

2. What do you think are the most pressing issues facing the Ward and facing the city as a whole? How would your contributions help to resolve these issues?

In talking to people throughout the central Mountain and the City, I’ve identified seven goals for Ward 7. These reflect the pressing issues, however, I suspect other issues will also emerge as I continue to knock on doors throughout Ward 7 in the next couple of months.

Goals for Ward 7:

· Enhance infrastructure
· Expand Seniors services
· Increase access to affordable housing
· Attract investment to Hamilton that creates jobs and expands the commercial (business) tax base
· Improve transportation routes
· Promote Arts and Culture
· Get things done!

I’ll take the same approach to these issues as I’ve demonstrated in the past. That’s being a strong, representative voice for local residents and a relentless pursuit of answers and results.

3. What is your current assessment of this installation of City council? Are you satisfied with their performance? What, if anything, might you add to council that would be unique or new?

I would like to be a positive force on Council and to work with the current council. I’m willing to work with anyone to get things done. I’ll leverage my network of people from all walks of life, all across the city, from business, unions, the arts, the media and more to do just that.

4. How can people reach you to ask you about your position on matters or to otherwise engage with you?

My team is opening a campaign office very soon (on Upper Wentworth). We’ll have a campaign phone line set up there. The phone number will be published on my campaign brochure which will be out shortly.

E-mail: skellyward7@gmail.com
Website: SkellyWard7.ca
Twitter: @SkellyHamilton

5. Tell us a little about yourself, on a personal note. Your hobbies, likes, dislikes, background, etc. Anything that would have people get to know who you are on a more personal basis.

I grew up in small town Northern Ontario where my dad worked on the railroad and came to Hamilton 30 years ago with my journalism career. I live on the Mountain with my two sons – one who attends university and the other who works locally.

I keep busy volunteering with a number of community groups, including Banyan Community Services in support of disadvantaged or at-risk youth, Soupfest and more.

I’m a huge Ti-Cats fan, a hockey fanatic. I also try to find time each day for my fitness routine. I love restoring antique furniture and try my green thumb at gardening too.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Many of my former CHCH colleagues have offered their support and endorsement for this campaign for Ward 7. Along with other community leaders, union leaders and business leaders who have offered their support, I believe I can help bring all these key interests of our city together to help build a Hamilton that is proud of its past but forging ahead towards a very bright future. You can sense that optimism in the city and I believe I have much experience and skill to contribute to making that vision a reality.


  1. whatever. she identifies the core issues in the ward she wants to run in. she has already run and lost as a tory - twice. as a tory, her past record is she "supports" infrastructure enhancements and efforts to grow investment. transportation, affordable housing, arts and culture, senior care, none of these were priorities for the provincial or federal tories. in fact, the entire tory party has a stated position AND track record as being indifferent or opposed or hostile to transit, arts and culture and affordable housing. so what if donna skelly KNOWS what matters to her potential constituents. she has surrounded herself politically socially and culturally with people that think affordable housing public transit and investments in arts and culture are useless wastefull and anti free market.

  2. good luck Donna. I think you are going to be a strong candidate

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    Thanks for understanding


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