Monday, January 25, 2016

Hamilton Police Services Board budget presentation

Click here to see the Hamilton Police Services Board budget presentation


  1. shorter version of presentation: "give us more money". what about ex chief of police decaires "secret" retirement package the board refuses to disclose? will that be mentioned?

  2. it just can not be sustained, I hope our new Chief is a little more creative and conciliatory when it comes to budget considerations.
    I think it is time to consider relieving our Police Service of all non criminal municipal traffic enforcement and turning it over to an expanded by-law enforcement "team". Obvious savings to be had while enforcement could likely actually be improved. A fresh look at service delivery needs to be encouraged, and if necessary enforced. I believe there are opportunities for improvement.
    When I see the increased service demand slide actually demonstrates a marked decrease in 6 of the 8 categories referenced I feel as though someone is trying to sell me something-the story is not supported by fact-which is what I expect from Police.
    With the data showing an increase in mental health related costs, and a decrease in violent crime, robberies, and murder, why is the Action Team still a higher priority than the Coast initiative? An opportunity for an ounce of prevention likely squandered.

  3. Now that City Council pushed DeCaire out, who are you going to blame? lol

  4. It is about time City Council takes a stand cut Police Budget.Leave Lloyd out of it

  5. Police budget is over padded.Do not approve it until you see presentation. Millions over padded.It time for City Council to take a stand. Part of the problem is current chairman of the board


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