Monday, January 11, 2016

Light Rail Transit Sub-Committee Report

Please click here to see the Light Rail Transit Sub-Committee Report 15-002, which will be added to the January 13th GIC as Item 8.13.


  1. I take exception to the proposed membership of the LRT Sub-Committee.
    I believe Councillors Johnson, Collins, Farr and Merulla should be prohibited from service at this level. Instead of genuine broad community input we are fostering a narrow parochial view which only furthers the "us vs. them" argument in play. Install the Mayor and 4 councilors with no direct interest in the project, mitigating potential conflict with residents. A committee that represents all Hamiltonian's equally.
    I also take offence to HHSC and the Home Builders Association being assigned "Official Advisor" status. Our Health Science Corporation has become a dangerous place to be a patient, and it has absolutely no responsibility to our municipality. Their influence should be kept to an absolute minimum. And anyone who believes the Home Builders Association will provide objective unbiased input has been out in the cold too long.
    This is an opportunity to revisit our culture of low expectations. We are off to a poor start

  2. Have ZERO confidence in the ability of this committee or this council (lifetime members) to manage and execute a project of this magnitude and significance. We would be better off hiring an organization that is experienced at this sort of project management. If history is any indicator of possible future performance get ready for another disaster!

  3. the lrt goes through johnson farr and merulas greens wards. of course they should be the council reps? who else? doug conley? my question is why are terry whitehead and lloyd ferguson involved with lrt or transit planning? they are hostile and opposed to it. they should stick to running the "build more sloppy sprawl homes and strip malls" committee. doesnt matter though. mayor eisenberger loves lrt as does vice chair councillor far. they can run the meetings in a way as to minimize the chaos and disorder that whitehead and ferguson bring. whitehead and ferguson will be silenced procedurally and ignored, and the pro lrt voting block will carry the day.

  4. I am not sure that LRT will have there impact that its supporters hope it will have. For it to be truly effective we have to move away from a car culture. Public transit is not everyone's thing. There are some people who will never take it. It's like that today and I don't know of anything that will change that. Sure, people will welcome the novelty of it but will it truly be game changer? I have my doubts.

  5. "For it to be truly effective we have to move away from a car culture" hamilton is doing that with public transit investments, cycling networks, bike share, walkable neighbourhoods initiatives, traffic calming etc. "Public transit is not everyone's thing" true, but it is many, many peoples thing,and for some, its their only thing "There are some people who will never take it" there are many many more that will. "I have my doubts" thats all you ever have.


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