Sunday, February 21, 2016

7- Candidate Lou Vecchioni

In our series entitled "7", The Hamiltonian will provide all candidates who are registered to run in the Ward 7 by-election, equal access to The Hamiltonian to get their message out. As per our standing policies, The Hamiltonian will remain nuetral and will allow all an opportunity.

Our series continues with Ward 7 candidate Lou Vecchioni. Enjoy our Q/A with Lou:

1. Why are you running for Ward 7 Councilor? What are you hoping to achieve by doing so?

Expressing one's opinion in government is important and this starts with voting in democratic societies. That is why running in this by election is important, for myself being elected is not the
issue, the people of Ward 7should vote for who they feel is best suited to give this ward a proper direction, in solving many of our social and economic issues.

It is about realizing what individuals can accomplish if they desire or put their minds to it. People shouldn't just sit on the side lines and just criticize what goes on in this beautiful city of wonderful people, doing something constructive, will far out weigh anything that can be complained about !
It's getting to the point where people have to giver back to their communities to repair and improve the place where they live, work and play!

Our "Silent Warrior" campaign is not about an individual, but the many Silent Warriors who keep their communities and city running despite what a handful of people think is right! Raising awareness that strengths in numbers, will achieve the greatest results.

2. What do you think are the most pressing issues facing the Ward and facing the city as a whole. How would your contributions help to resolve these issues?

Pressing issues;
A) - Poverty and Social Housing
B) - City Debt
C) - Ward Area rating Funds
A) ; Helping the less fortunate will allow this city to achieve firmer ground, decreasing the tax burden on the 70 % of the city's income from property taxes. Rising people above the poverty income levels, improves Hamilton's functioning at a better rate. Image not having over 6,000 people waiting for social housing in this city, not an impossible achievement!

B) ; The major problem facing many North America cities is debt, it hand cuffs municipal  governments, with our city being one of them. According to city's staff report in the 2016 capital budget, which warns that city debt currently sits @ $800.00/ person and 2016 repayments will consume rougWy $50 million to repay the city's debt. These monies would go a long way in solving poverty & social housing issues.

C) ;Ward area rating funding, keeps getting larger to the point that it takes away money from very important issues. Those monies should be put back into city coffers to solve a few of our social issues. For example; we wouldn't of had to tum down a request for funds to keep the Notre Dame Youth Centre open, as it's operation in the near future is in doubt. Paying more attention to reducing city debt much sooner that later will open up a major source of income. Going on just covering the minimum debt repayment will never reduce that debt to zero! We shouldn't just be happy @ every budget with a 2% increase and think that is j list wonderful! The shock will arrive when 2 % will not be enough, would tax payers be happy with a 15,20 % increases?

3. What is your current assessment of this installation of City council? Are you satisfied with their performance. What, if anything, might you add to council that would be unique or new?

The current city council does a fair job in running the city. They do try to please most people, which is difficult enough, hard decisions have to be made in important issues ( i.e. social housing) and not be worrying about the correct number of garbage bags, that can be put out by residents to the curb. Tough decisions must be made and not constantly have those issues thrown back to staff for " more info". The ward would be served well if the new councilor, keeps hammering at the issues, that in the end will accomplish more than increasing health inspection permits @festivals for fund raising groups, from $35.00 to $135.00 ?? 

4. How can people reach you to ask you about your position on matters or to otherwise engage with you?

We can be reached bye-mail address;lou@sourcecable.net. being on a fixed income our shoe string campaign budget, is an example of one's fiscal responsibilities, taking out a loan or donations to pay for this ward's election expenses' maximum amount of $40,000 doesn't make economic sense!

5. Tell us a little about yourself, on a personal note. Your hobbies, likes, dislikes, background etc. Anything that would have people get to know who you are on a more personal basis.

Working at Dofasco, has allowed us to meet amazing people, who provided many work and life  knowledge, experiences and also friendships. Retiring with over 30 years as an electrician from Dofasco, has also been a benefit, meeting more amazing people, and figuring out that giving back to important and valuable causes is important ! Have been widowed for 5 years, with two grown children, with families oftheir own, now also sheds a light on what is valuable. Looking at the brighter side of life, has made this life an amazing one. Putting smiles on people's faces is a great
hobby, more people should try it.

My parents came over from Italy in 1949 and 1954, Dad first, Mom second, with Dad establishing work in Canada, before bring over a wife and my older brother and sister! Along with our two
younger brothers, it started our new life in a new country, no different than the immigrants and refugee's of today. What is there to dislike, except maybe waiting many hours in an emergency ward, life is what individuals make it. Going out to vote gives us all a better community.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Did we mention, getting out to vote, no election should have a representative with a - majority of the minority - of the actual voter turn out, making decisions for the majority of eligible voters. Get Out and VOTE!

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  1. So, you're running but don't care if you're elected? This ward is already deluged with candidates, why become one more? Sorry, but I don't see anything in your campaign I don't see in viable candidates.


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