Friday, February 19, 2016

Mayor Not Fond of "One Offs"

Hamilton Mayor
Fred Eisenberger
Recently, a Hamilton City Councillor wrote to the province concerning the issue of predatory lending. Ordinarily, communicating to upper levels of government is reserved for the mayor of the city; seeing that it is the mayor's position that acts as councillor at large.

We asked Mayor Eisenberger about the practice of councillors by-passing his office and writing directly to other levels of government. This is our Q/A with Mayor Eisenberger:

Q. Mr. Mayor. Recently a Hamilton City Councillor wrote to the province concerning payday loans. In the past, there have been other incidents where Councillors saw it fit to write to other levels of government directly. Putting aside the merits of any given reason for writing to another level of government, can you share your view concerning the appropriateness of doing so? Do you think it is more proper for the Mayor of the city to represent Hamilton's views upwards? What involvement do you have, if any, when Councillors decide to write directly to the province? Does this occur with your consent?

The Mayor replied as follows:

While we strive to adhere to the governance process in place when corresponding with upper levels of government, unfortunately this is not always the case. I believe a coordinated and united voice, being driven from the Office of the Mayor, is best practice when addressing issues with the Province and Federally and will yield us the greatest success and desired outcomes. 

The Hamiltonian thanks Mayor Eisenberger for engaging with Hamiltonians via The Hamiltonian


  1. I agree with Mayor Eisenberger but would go perhaps one step further and make this City policy. It could readily appear as dysfunctional if individual councillors are sending correspondence in this manner. What if two or more councillors send conflicting requests. How would that make Hamilton appear? Let's look like we have our act together and are working as a cohesive body, at least as far as council is concerned.

  2. I think the mayor is absolutely right. Makes us look foolish.

  3. Interesting that the mayor did not answer as to whether Clr. Green consulted with him.

  4. West Harbour ResidentFebruary 20, 2016

    I would imagine that Clr. Green thought that Freddy wouldn't support him? Well, ego is a fragile thing, Fred.

  5. I don't understand what is to be gained by embarrassing yourself and the mayor?

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