Friday, February 26, 2016

Media Release:Ward 7 Candidate Howard Rabb Proposes Plan to Increase Stock of Rental Apartments and Create Jobs

February 26, 2016

Ward 7 Candidate Howard Rabb Proposes Plan to Increase Stock of Rental Apartments and Create Jobs

Ward 7 Council Candidate Howard Rabb today announced the first of his platform pieces aimed at addressing both the shortage of available rental apartments in Hamilton as well as the estimated 30% of skilled trades’ workers that are currently unemployed or underemployed in Hamilton according to the Hamilton Building Trades.

"During a recent conversation with different developers on issues facing growth in our community I posed a question. Would a Development Charge Holiday on rental apartments be enough to get you to start building apartments? The answer I got was overwhelmingly yes. For this reason I am putting forth this item today"

"During the first sixty days of my Council term I will put forth a motion asking staff to provide recommendations as to what locations they feel would be best served by such a plan. I will also ask that the development charge holiday be time limited. Developers will have to be ready to have shovels in the ground within a specific time frame in order to qualify for these breaks"

Rabb states that he hopes that the work by Council and City Staff can be done in time for 2017.

With CMHC suggesting that Hamilton's rental vacancy rate is set to fall again in 2017 this prudent and responsible selection will help spur development, create more rental housing, and put people to work to help grow the economy.

"We need this housing now, and we need these jobs now." Rabb states.

Howard Rabb formerly worked at City Hall for Hamilton West Mountain Councillor Terry Whitehead. Prior to his time at City Hall he ran a successful software company that, under his leadership expanded throughout western and eastern Canada and into the United States and Mexico.

He is running in the upcoming by-election in Ward 7 on the central Hamilton Mountain. 


  1. development charge holiday? sounds like someone is in the developers' pockets...wow...

    1. Not at all. We already do this for downtown. What we need to do is identify areas that can accommodate further growth without requiring the city to build additional infrastructure.

  2. Hamilton does enough for developers. If you haven't noticed, they run certain people.

  3. This has got to be one of the worse ideas I've seen come forward! And the scary part is that he was applauded by the audience at the all candidates meeting. Obviously this candidate does not understanding our Financing Plan! For every $1 he'll be saving the developer that $1 HAS TO come from the taxpayer. If he gets in we're doomed!

    1. Not at all. First of all - we already do this in our downtown. This has been a big boom for the lower city and has seen our downtown assessment grow which reduces the tax burden in other areas of the city. DCs pay for infrastructure related to new development. When you build an apartment building alongside an existing built road, next to an existing built sewer you have fewer costs compared to building a new development of singles in an area with no existing infrastructure or parkland.


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