Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Motions in Motion: Mayor Eisenberger re: Land Development Task Force

Council: February 24, 2016

MOVED BY MAYOR EISENBERGER ……..……………….………………...

Land Development Task Force

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan supports the development and implementation of neighbourhood and City wide strategies that will improve the health and well-being of residents;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton owns over 2,000 properties representing over 25,000 acres, and the City’s Portfolio Management Strategy sets out a framework for how the City’s real estate interests can be maximized to support and/or deliver key City priorities;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton has interests in real property that could be leveraged for broader community-building initiatives to achieve priorities for the City;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton owns vacant and underutilized properties which may present opportunities for value maximization through strategic repurposing, consolidation, or disposition;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton has to consider strategic land acquisitions to support LRT implementation;

WHEREAS significant needs have been identified regarding the availability of affordable housing, and the current condition of the City Housing Hamilton inventory;

WHEREAS the West Harbour development requires comprehensive consideration of the neighbourhood and City requirements;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton currently leases over 350,000 s.f. of office space to accommodate employees of the City, 85% of which will expire within the next 5 years;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton and its agencies have a number of dispersed facilities with common functions that may present opportunities for more efficient program delivery;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton has established vitally important partnerships among anchor public agencies and not-for-profit sector organizations, whereby combining our common property interests may present opportunities to deliver greater collective impact and benefit for the public;

WHEREAS a strategic and focused portfolio review, and identification and development of priority opportunities may positively impact the City’s tax base and/or revenue position;

WHEREAS the City of Hamilton is committed to “the Growth Plan that encourages intensification and transit-supportive, mixed use development to make better use of existing, underutilized infrastructure”(1); and,

WHEREAS the operation and management of City properties and the implementation of major City initiatives are currently undertaken by a number of different divisions across the City.


(a) That the City Manager be directed to establish a focussed team comprised of subject matter experts, to identify strategic opportunities and to achieve realizable outcomes related to the City’s real estate interests; and,

(b) That the City Manager be directed to report back to the General Issues Committee with an enabling framework that includes but is not limited to models such as 1) an internal staff team, 2) an agency or 3) a Land Development Corporation; and,

(c) That the proposed work plan narrow the focus to a priority list that enables realistic and measurable completion targets for the initial 3 years that include, but are not limited to, vacant and underutilized properties which may present opportunities for value maximization, and tax revenues, through strategic repurposing, consolidation, or disposition; and,

(d) That the Council approved nodes and corridors master plan provide the primary focus of the 3-year work plan to be presented for Council consideration on or before April 31, 2016.

(1) Downtown and Community Renewal Community Improvement Plan, February 2014 Consolidation pg. 10 of 32


  1. It is good to see that the Mayor is proposing a long term approach to planning with respect to land use and integrating strategies. I hope that the standard mismanagement and corruption will not be a part of this endeavour for any hint of this will surely invalidate the initiative before it gets off the ground.

  2. Fred wrote this? Signed it, perhaps, but I detect the presence of a lawyer, and wonder if the intent has been lost in translation.

    I agree that a long term strategy respecting municipal land development is prudent and responsible. Talking expropriation in the same breath as affordable housing though seems conflicting and ambiguous. Throw in LRT and West Harbour and the picture becomes murky and unwieldy.

    What is it that you want most Fred? You can communicate more effectively than this

  3. I didn't believe it after this statement : "City wide strategies that will improve the health and well-being of residents"

    really? since when?

    1. Can someone show this to the counselors in the east please.


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