Monday, March 21, 2016

7- Skelly is the City of Hamilton’s Ward 7 Councillor-elect

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Donna Skelly is the City of Hamilton’s Ward 7 Councillor-elect

Hamilton ON – March 21, 2016 – Donna Skelly is the City of Hamilton’s Ward 7 Councillor-elect and will represent residents of that ward on Hamilton City Council. Skelly is expected to be officially sworn in on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.

All results are unofficial until approved by Hamilton’s City Clerk this week.

For more Ward 7 By-election election results and information, visit http://vote2016.hamilton.ca/ and www.hamilton.ca/voter-info.

What were the results from the 2016 By-Election?

Ward 7 Municipal By-Election Day was Monday, March 21, 2016.
Eligible Voters: 41,332
Ballots Cast: 10,063

Turnout: 24.35%

For detailed results, click here.
Note: The Hamiltonian congratulated Ms. Skelly salutes all who ran. 


  1. an interesting race with several fine candidates and yet the turnout remains disappointing. Ward 7 has a population exceeding 60,000 residents, over 40,000 eligible voters, and we have a victor declared with fewer than 2,000 votes. Not very encouraging

    I was pleased to see Mr.Danko fare well, and I hope he remains engaged. I thought he blew it with his public musings of a pedestrian park for the Jolley Cut. Take a cue from our Mayor J.P. -keep those sort of plans under wraps until elected, then spring them on your confused constituents

    I remember when Ms. Skelly started at CHCH, I used to tune in at sign off just to see that smile. Yes, I am that shallow. Good luck Donna, I hope you bring fresh perspective and vigor to council. I believe you will serve your constituents honestly and effectively.

  2. I am not surprised at the outcome. Name recognition is a very powerful thing and if you look at our history, plenty of radio and TV personalities have been elected. Donna comes across as a bright woman, so maybe that's the saving grace. At the same time, i would have wanted to see someone like Danko win, who did not rely on a media history. The true test will be whether Donna drinks the kool aid and joins the club, or whether she will bring a fierce sense of integrity to the place. We;ll see....

  3. Eligible Voters: 41,332
    Ballots Cast: 10,063
    Turnout: 24.35%

    The oligarchy continues


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