Friday, March 25, 2016

Brooks, Yearwood Dazzle Hamilton

Garth Brooks erupted on The First Ontario Place stage at roughly 8:45pm. From there, the man on fire amazed a mesmerized audience with a battery of hits including Rodeo, The River, Two Pina Coladas, Papa Loved Moma and Ain't Going Down Till The Sun Comes Up , all in rapid succession leaving the audience screaming with delight. The master showman had the audience eating out of his hands from the first notes rung out and easily led  them through a journey,  from the feel-good allure of Two Pina Coladas to the ethereal The Thunder Rolls.

Garth took plenty of time for playful engagement with his audience, at one point pitting one section of the audience against another, challenging them to see who can cheer the loudest. People were more than happy to oblige and soon Garth transformed the place into a wall of fans roaring for more Garth.

During The River, the whole place came alight as fans held up their cell phones creating a sea of shining lights. Garth's energy and huge catalogue of well known and beloved hits kept the audience on their feet, singing and pleading for more.  True to form, Garth relentlessly  delivered exponentially while throwing in his signature shouts of "yeahhhh" during the performance of certain songs, driving the audience into a further frenzy- if that were even possible. 

And as the audience was captured by the man on fire, in comes Trisha Yearwood who left no doubt that she is a superstar in her own right. Trisha and Garth sang the duet "In Another Eyes" after which, Trisha owned the stage with her powerful and yet elegant vocals. Her performance of Broken, a song that she sang in the musical The Passion, in which she played the role of the Mother of Jesus Christ, sent shivers down ones spine as she transcended the space and touched all with her passionate delivery.

Not to be outdone on the playful side, She's In Love with the Boy was sung while a roving camera captured couples within the audience who kissed one another upon realizing that their images were on the big screen.

After Yearwood tantalized the audience, the man on fire again took the stage- almost literally. The balance of Garth's performance left no doubt of the endearing quality of his music and of the man who so flawlessly and joyfully connects with his audience.

Musically and vocally Trisha and Garth were pristine. The vocals from both performers sounded as strong and as clear and the historical recordings, leaving no doubt that they can still belt it out. At no time, did either Garth or Trisha back away from difficult vocal pieces, and in particular on Shameless, Garth proved that he could still leave it all on the table. For those who are interested in gear, Garth was playing a Takamine acoustic for the lion's share of the show, opting for a vintage Fender stratocaster during Baton Rouge.

The show left no doubt as to the mastery of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. 

The Hamiltonian


  1. Wow. I wish I had gotten tickets. They have always been favorites of mine and I was wondering if they can still do it. Sounds like they did really well. Makes me want to catch the next set of shows. I don;'t mind catching a plane for this kind of show. Really good way of describing the show. I feel like I was there.


  2. Downtown traffic was nuts. Guys walking around wearing cowboy hats. Good to see Garth can still draw a crowd. :)


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