Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hamilton Police Services re: Clr. Green Complaint

We reached out to there Hamilton Police Services to invite them to comment on the issue we are covering with respect to Clr. Green's complaint. Accordingly, we received the following from the Hamilton Police Service:

We want the community to know that if and when they have a concern or a complaint about a member of our Service or our service delivery that we encourage people to use the OIPRD complaint process so that there can be an investigation. It is also important to know that we cannot provide any comment in order to ensure the integrity of that process. More information on the complaint process can be found here: ~https://hamiltonpolice.on.ca/how-to/file-complaint


  1. cue the usual band of police apologists. what tired excuse will get trotted out this time. i know! how about the good ole "bad apple" story. you know that one right? every time a cop is found guilty of some heinous crime its "it was only one or two or three or ten cops out of XXXX amount" yea right.

  2. When cops stop investigating cops, people will have more respect for them. Likewise, when cops stop abusing their power, people will have more respect for them. When cops revert to living in the community they police (and have a vested interest in them), people will have more respect for them.

    1. when commentators attach their names to their concerns and assume responsibility for their "feelings" credibility may follow. When claims are supported by fact, respect may be earned.

    2. AnonymousMay 06, 2016

      fuuny how anyone can make up a name. "jim graham" or "socre" or allan taylor for example. jim graham COULD in reality be fred thompson. socre could be larry d'angelo. allan taylor may be mustapha fustapha. but cause they have picked out names, possibly fictitious, they think that gives them credibility. when its the comments they post that make us incredulous of them.

    3. Sorce(oavak)May 06, 2016

      I have no problem with my credibility, as the normal people who frequent this place will attest to.

      By the way, are you going to pick a handle? Pee Wee Herman comes to mind.

    4. who is the "us" you always reference?(your snake doesn't count) where is your support? even those who share your views quickly distance themselves from you as if whatever is plaguing you may be contagious. Standing all alone, tilting at bus stops.


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