Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eisenberger Shuts Up and Puts Up

On the heels of Mayor Eisenberger declaring that council needs to "put up or shut up", where the decision to implement LRT is concerned, the Mayor appears to have recognized that his language, while well intentioned, had the potential to inflame. Consequently, according to a Spec article (see it here or buy the print copy) , the mayor has expressed regret at his choice of words and is calling for calm and patience.

It seems the Mayor has elected to shut up and put up, at least pending further discussions. 


  1. The Mayor got a reminder that his one vote is only equal to the votes of others. When you have 16 little mayors running around, you can't do much unilaterally. Eisenberger knows this. Every once in a while the ridiculous nature of the model peeps its head.

  2. full marks to the Mayor for his improving political acuity, at the very least he seems to be able to learn from previous mistakes (west harbour stadium?) and take appropriate corrective action. The so called "leaders" on this file need to look square in the mirror and take inventory. Opposition is now taking a very personal turn, and for good reasons. Stifling Sammy was a good start.You are the most likable of the lot Fred, try using this to your advantage.


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