Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Motions in Motion: Councillor Green Calls for Police Surplus Reallocation


May 31, 2016

Councillor Green Calls for Police Surplus Reallocation

Councillor Matthew Green (Ward 3, Hamilton-Centre) has submitted a Notice of Motion at General Issues Committee to require the Hamilton Police Service to transfer back the 2015 year-end operating budget surplus back to the Hamilton Police Service Tax Stabilization Reserve as per the Police Board and the City of Hamilton’s stated policy.

“The Tax Stabilization Reserve is set up as a part of responsible fiscal management to help offset increased budget demands year-over-year, drawn from years that present a surplus like 2015. The Police Board chose instead to transfer the money directly to another reserve in violation of their own policy,” says Councillor Green.

In addition, the Hamilton Police Board chose to exceed Council’s approved funding cap of $5 million when they transferred the surplus money to the Hamilton Police Investigative Services Division Headquarters capital project.

“The City agreed to a capped five million dollar contribution for a new forensic facility, contingent on funding from upper levels of government. Any additional monies above and beyond the $5 million dollar contribution ought to be discussed and approved by Council. This is again another example of the need for Police Services Act reforms,” says Councillor Green.


  1. He is completely correct here. It is unfortunate he has impugned his own objectivity and credibility with his earlier antics.

    1. agreed, coming from someone else would make it a better sell

    2. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

      anyone with "common sense" doesnt need to be sold. we are "buying" of our own free will. a quote from one of the victims in the temple arson ian matthews was investigating "And while temple leaders were satisfied with the plea deals in light of the forgiveness and "truth and reconciliation" they wanted to emphasize above all, a director of the temple said the allegations undermine the credibility of the police force" get that. one of your "bad apples" just hurt the credibility of the police with the hamilton hindu community cause of his alleged misconduct. now both of you admit the police cant be trusted with our tax dollars. but what your beef with the meseanger, councillor green? hes the one said he was stopped arbitrarily by police and you two called him a liar even though he has no history of lying and the hamilton police have been investigated for creating false crimes and tickets during fictitious stops. and you two said we should give the police the benefit of the doubt. yea. rightee o.

    3. This isn't about police procedures or bias it's about unspent money

    4. Take your racist crusade elsewhere

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    the hamilton police continue to impunge their own objectivity and credibilty. here are some recent "antics" by the police service: having sex with taxpayer funded informants, coercing taxpayer paid informants into sex acts, possibly compromising police investigations by sharing details of investigations with informants, doing cocaine and other drugs, possibly police evidence, with informants, having sex at central police station, extorting sex from families and witness in sexual assault by the lead investigator in those sexual assaults, to name a few. thats enough bad apples to make a dozen pies. anyone shining a light on the hidden practices of this police force is a valuable public service. looking forward to the day matthew green is mayor.

  3. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    From the outset I agree with others that another Councillor bringing up the issue would have been better as in my mind Clr. Green is biased and has no credibility especially as it relates to HPS. I think he headline grabs, taken a page from Merulla no doubt.

    Chief Girt has a tough road ahead of him no doubt. As one can see from the comments here and in the Spec, people are mixing this issue with personal matters of the HPS.

    Trying to be objective here:

    Crime rates are declining yet the Police budget increases well above inflation.

    Ontario Police are extremely well compensated compared to their American counterparts, something must be done in this regard but it is up to the Province and Mr. Ted McMeekin in that regard to fix the failed arbitration system.

    We need an objective opinion regarding the need for this new forensic facility.

    If Clr. Green has an issue with HPS policy as it relates to surpluses then change the policy as the HPS says they are 100% in line.

    In my opinion such surpluses should be returned to City Council to decide what the priorities are across the entire City. HPS in my mind is simply a department of the City not a stand alone entity, as we the taxpayer's fund them. Many municipalities have processes and scoring in place to objectively determine priority projects. The HPS budget should be treated the same.

    Basically, prove that the facility is required and prepare a business case then compare that to the urgency of other city capital projects.

    The capital cost of the facility is one thing but what are the annual operating costs for heat, hydro, materials, supplies, and staff going forward? That is the real cost.

    On another note and unrelated, given how we Hamiltonians are always subjected to HPS scandal can someone objectively tell me if the HPS is on the higher, average or lower side of such issues compared to other Ontario police services. It seems like a lot of problems to me but that is just my opinion as I am unsure of other comparable police services.

    The Bosma case has been revealing to me as to the inability of HPS to have the best investigators on staff. Officer Stoltz has basically been made out to fabricate time stamp evidence only to say he is human and errs. Officer Troubridge didn't check to make sure the trailer was secured and let potential evidence fall out the back.

    We pay these officers exceptionally well and this is the type of performance we receive. This was a major high profile crime yet we have after the fact sloppy police work. I wonder what happens with lessor and less high profile crime? Will a forensics lab make up for sloppy police work??

  4. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

    looks like the fiscal hawks are conflicted. on the one hand, they hate paying tax's, and the hamilton police service sucks up tax dollare like no other organization in town, bar none, with no accountability. . yet for some reason, i cant imagine what, allan and jim dont want councillor green to lead the charge. they want a white knight to defeat the dark knight. they wanted a white hat to beat the black hat. so even though councillor green is the only council member to try do something about police spending with no oversight, jim and allan dont like councillor green (for reasons of their own that we can only guess at) so they will dismiss his legitimate efforts.

  5. Like Sam merulla green has developed a reputation as a publicity hound not to be taken seriously. Although he is 1000 percent right on this many won't take the issue seriously. Someone without an anti police agenda would be better just as an anti transit councillor demanding HSR efficiency would be a poor choice even if correct

    1. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

      "Someone without an anti police agenda would be better just as an anti transit councillor demanding HSR efficiency would be a poor choice even if correct" yet you fully support anti transit councillor terry whitehead leading the anti lrt camp. here you saying so:

      Allan TaylorJune 01, 2016 the hamiltonian
      "I believe people are upset because they see the truth in his presentation above and tho they think its just a ploy it really does raise legitimate concerns that might derail the train" what a hypocrite you are.

    2. Not engaging the trolls

    3. Personal attacks noted

    4. AnonymousJune 02, 2016

      noted? you mean like my comments have been logged in a database to be stored indefinitely. and that my comment may be retrieved at a later date to be used with other logged comments of mine. maybe to build a "profile" of me and track what my opinions and public statements are. you sound like the type of guy people were terrified of living next to in east berlin. you would have been a big help to the regime.

    5. Not engaging with trolls

    6. you sound like the type of guy neighbors do shun in east Hamilton.You are a big help to your opponents. We really appreciate you and your obsessions

  6. AnonymousJune 01, 2016

    "Like Sam merulla green has developed a reputation as a publicity hound not to be taken seriously" maybe by you and your crowd at the donut shop or the legion. lloyd ferguson, donna skelly, terry whitehead, are in the paper every day. yet you dance to the tunes these merry pipers play on a weekly basis. why? show us where councillor green "hounds" publicity. you wont cause you cant. your man bob bratina was THE biggest publicity hound in hamiltons history, worse than vic copps jack macdonald and john munro combined! a

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2016

    To me, with respect to Clr Green there are a few things that separate him for those you mention, Ferguson, Skelly and Whitehead.

    1. Green appears to portray himself as the lone wolf and uses his ethnicity to do so, so silly in this day and age. I see people as equal no matter what ethnicity and I know my young children do as well.

    2. I have yet to see Mr. Green do anything or initiate anything positive for Hamiltonians broadly.

    3. I think he is trying to make his name recognizable for his own gain and arrogance.

    4. Your comparison to the others is silly. Ferguson has been a long standing politician and knowledgeable and experienced business person (Came from Dufferin Construction which is one of the largest and most capable construction companies in Ontario and Canada). Skelly is very well respected in Hamilton given her past and was elected in a very close race, have some respect please. I'm amazed at how she has jumped right in professionally. Whitehead is Whitehead and although I don't appreciate that he is a Councillor he has done something right.

    I (although I'm not in his ward) see Clr Green as a lone wolf, one who will never be part of the team nor does he want to. He is interested in feeding off the public and promoting himself, just like Merulla.

    I guess he appreciates the steady paycheque and the "Power" he has over shaping the City.

    Hopefully, people in his ward become wiser.

    1. AnonymousJune 04, 2016

      "Ferguson has been a long standing politician.." there has been a ferguson on ancaster council since tthe early 50s. his dad walter was town reeve his mom barbara was ancaster council member for 13 years. brother murray was ancaster councillor for two terms. has a stroke. lloyd runs and gets seat and hold for years and years. so yes. lots of experience. lloyd IS the status quo. regardless, lloyd ferguson represents "more of the same" and "business as usual" to his constituents and thats why they love him. to the people with vision and foresight that are looking to hamiltons future, like matthew green, lloyd also represents "more of the same" and "business as usual" so he is very much part of the problem. lloyd ferguson he is the perfect example of someone born on third base who thinks he hit a triple. matthew green started from the bottom now hes here.

  8. AnonymousJune 04, 2016

    "Green appears to portray himself as the lone wolf and uses his ethnicity to do so" how so? provide and example. "I have yet to see Mr. Green do anything or initiate anything positive for Hamiltonians broadly" google his bio. he was active in the community as a volunteer, as a organizer as a paid worker consultant and planner. worked with elderly children homeless. "I think he is trying to make his name recognizable for his own gain and arrogance" any example or proof?

  9. AnonymousJune 04, 2016

    "Skelly is very well respected in Hamilton given her past and was elected in a very close race, have some respect please" skelly was a tv talking head for 30 years. reporting on what OTHERS did from behind a desk. she didnt even do it in ward 7. shes never lived there or worked there. matthew green worked built and prospered in the community he grew up in an represents and lives and owns a business there.

  10. AnonymousJune 04, 2016

    "I (although I'm not in his ward) see Clr Green as a lone wolf, one who will never be part of the team nor does he want to" so this is the second time you call matthew green a "lone wolf". is it that you think he is solitary or animal like. hmmmm. what is it about matthew green that would make you think hes a "lone" anything or like and "animal". wait a minute, he is the "lone" black person on council. that couldnt be it cause right at the begining of your post you make sure we all know you arent racist. maybe some of your best friends are black?

    1. wow, you get racist out of that? You sir or maam have a serious problem

  11. AnonymousJune 04, 2016

    Everyone is making too much of Green. He's a rookie politician who is making rookie politician mistakes.


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