Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Media Release: Skelly Calls in City Auditor After Cost of Housing Project Soars

Ward 7 Councillor Donna Skelly will ask Hamilton City Council to approve a motion, asking for Hamilton’s Director of Audit Services, Charles Brown, to investigate why costs of proposed improvements to a CityHousing seniors’ residence have tripled.

In 2015, council approved $350,000 from the ward 7 area rating budget to cover the cost of improving the entrance, and to expand the parking lot at Mohawk Gardens, a CityHousing seniors’ facility. The $350,000 was part of $800,000 to be used on improvements to CityHousing units within the ward. Earlier this month, Skelly was shocked to discover the cost of the project has skyrocketed from $350,000 to more than $1.1 million. Further, almost $115,000 has already been spent in consulting and engineering fees, without a shovel in the ground.

“I find it disturbing that this project has ballooned to more than triple the original estimate. I also want clarification as to whether any of the work was tendered and answers as to why we were not using Hamilton companies for the bulk of the work.” Hamilton Councillor Donna Skelly

Councillor Skelly has met with the CEO of CityHousing Hamilton, Tom Hunter, and City Auditor Charles Brown, to discuss the matter. She has also notified the chair of the board of CityHousing Hamilton about her request for an audit.


  1. I support Skelly's interest in this.

    1. me too, impressed that she caught it, encouraged that she is taking this course to resolve it. Gold star for Ms. Skelly.

    2. Me to. Skelly is proving to be the best advocate for fiscal responsibility at city Hall in decades

  2. Thank God Someone is asking questions lets hope they give her the truth who is getting paid behind the scenes and who is not watching the project

  3. It would be great if all City project were reviewed in this manner. Why is it that government projects always seem to take longer than predicted and cost three times as much as anticipated. Unfortunately this is not unique to Hamilton. Ask anyone in Burlington about the "Pier". After they finish rolling their eyes you will learn that approx. $4 Million eventually grew to something around $15 Million.

  4. I would like to offer up a challenge to Clr. Skelly as she seems to represent a ray of hope. I would like to see her raise a big stink in election years where councillors start using money to lay down flower beds or lace the community with enhancements so that they can gain the favor of the electorate. This is another of many examples of where incumbents have an unfair advantage. Will she have the guts to take this on? We'll see.

    Jane Votes

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  6. Bravo,,Donna


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