Friday, July 30, 2010

Clearly Merulla

A letter from Clr. Sam Merulla appears in today's Spec. Here's an excerpt "I have clearly, consistently stated I do not support a stadium. To suggest otherwise is disingenuous. To date I have only supported a study to compare the two sites and not to endorse either location."

The full text can be found here.

The letter is in response to this letter


Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction's Perspective

Submitted by Tom Cooper, Director
Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction

The Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction learned with disappointment that the Athletics events for the 2015 Pan Am and Para Pan American Games are to be pulled from Hamilton. The decision by the Pan Am Games Host Corporation means Hamilton’s Pan Am stadium will no longer function as a track and field venue – but rather be designed for soccer. Practically this means that Hamilton has moved from a significant ‘secondary host’ of the Games with 47 separate women’s and men’s events in track and field to hosting a handful of soccer games at the stadium, volleyball games at Copps Colliseum and short track speed cycling at the velodrome.

This decision is disappointing on a number of levels:

Larry Di Ianni, Revving Up for Mayoral Race

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Losing It by Losing It?

Organizers of the 2015 Pan Am Games are now searching for a Toronto stadium to host the showcase track and field events after scrapping plans to hold them in Hamilton. It appears Hamilton will get soccer games instead.

As per The Spec article (see it here) plans to host track events in a purpose-built Hamilton stadium were shelved after a furious debate in that city over where it should be located, with city hall at loggerheads with eventual tenant the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

That debate continued today, with a Ticat press conference that proposed the velodrome and a concert theatre to be built on the West Harbour, instead of a stadium.The Cats are expected to make some kind of gesture in support of urban revitalization for the downtown site, while confirming it wants to proceed with a new suburban stadium at East Mountain.

The Star’s Dave Perkins that the Pan Am track was coming to Toronto and that York University is the leading candidate to host it. York University is open to hosting the track events but there is currently no facility anywhere near big enough, said Keith Marnoch, the university’s associate director of media relations.
 Do you think that the way the city has handled this whole thing is catching up to it? Or is this just part of negotiating a solution?

Do you support the Tiger Cats' suggestion that the velodrome and a concert theatre should be built on the West Harbour, instead of a stadium?

Note: Graphic is found on the Ti-Cats web site here

Hamiltonian Staff

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our City, Our Future, Media Release

July 28, 2010

The Our City, Our Future campaign passed an important milestone this week. Well over 2,000 supporters have affirmed their support for a West Harbour Pan Am stadium.

Our campaign website is fully open and transparent, displaying all of the many hundreds of public statements that Hamiltonians have left. We encourage visitors to vote for their favourite statements, and you can see the results on our Top 50 Statements page.

The incredible outpouring of support for this campaign comes from every part of the city and all walks of life: new Canadians, commuters, business owners, professional associations, community leaders, long-time Ticat fans and potential fans alike.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Future Fund Board Disapproves

Updated story here  Comments welcome.

The future fund board of governors says the special fund it oversees should not be used to help build an East Mountain stadium.

The volunteer board reaffirmed its earlier position to allow money from the fund to go toward a west Harbour stadium because building there fits the goals of the fund.

Council can elect to override their recommendations.

Watch tomorrow's Spectator for further details.

Butani, Di Ianni and MSM

The following article has been submitted by Mayoral candidate Mahesh Butani. Comments are welcome.

Welcome to the mayoral race, Larry!
Welcome to the mayoral race, Larry! I am glad that you finally took the plunge.

Congratulations on your decision. I hope that the coming days and weeks will be used to bring forth progressive community rebuilding ideas, which would enable all Hamiltonians make the best decision they can on Election Day.

"What a wise leader should have done from the beginning is organize the process," […]'Let's walk along this path together." – Larry DiIanni, Jul 27, 2010,

If you do indeed believe in a collaborative approach as you assert above – then I would call to your immediate attention, the very grave and present danger to democracy itself, in our city.

As you are well aware, Hamilton's mainstream media has shut out all other mayoral candidates besides yourself and the incumbent, from the public discourse. This has been done in the most retrograde manner conceivable in any functioning democracy.

It is repulsive that our media has chosen to package what is essentially a slug match between two highly questionable leadership approaches – into a “prize fight between two purported heavyweights”.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How They Voted in June

C.A.T.C.H. provides a great service, whereby they summarize how council voted on various issues throughout each month. Here is a "cut n paste" from CATCH's latest release. Excuse the formatting. The messiness is a product of cutting and pasting into the blog. Note: Links referred to in the CATCH document, are not activated here.

Hamiltonian Staff

How they voted in June

This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of June 2010. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote in the third line. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making body. Links are provided to source documents. Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded.

Knocking It Out of the Park(ing meter)

"With respect to the issue of parking meters in Waterdown I am preparing a motion for the next Council meeting requesting reconsideration.
Please see the e-mails below.

Parking meters are not going to work. Not here. I will move a motion
at the next Council meeting to reconsider parking meters in Waterdown.

You are not going to get any money from parking in Flamborough. Too
much hostility towards Hamilton for imposing it. Too much bitterness
for taking all the Casino money."

Margaret McCarthy, Flamborough Councillor Ward 15

The above text is from a thread of emails copied to The Hamiltonian, by Councillor Margaret McCarthy.  The emails were sent to various city staff and the Mayor. They leave no doubt as to where the Clr. stands on the issue.

The reference to hostility seems to hold true. Towards the bottom of the email string, there is an email from a city staff person which states "...in addition to someone taking a baseball bat to several meters the first day, we now have a report that vandals cut the heads off of several meters, and emptied them of the cash. we are notifying the Police. we will advise when new info comes forward."


A Twist in Di Ianni's Team

A media release issued by the Di Ianni camp, lists the following team members:

Michael Peters - Chief Financial Officer-2003 Hamilton Mayoral candidate and CFO for the 2006 Eisenberger Campaign;

Bert Allen – Media Coordinator
-Retired from CBC Television and former Hamilton Wentworth Public School Trustee

Ken Audziss - Campaign Manager-Provincial/Federal Riding President for the Conservatives in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek -Campaign Manager for the 2006 Eisenberger Campaign

Trevor Pettit-Former Progressive Conservative MPP for Hamilton Mountain from 1995-1999
Lionel Joyner-Retired OPP Officer & Vice-President for the Federal Liberals in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek

What's interesting is that Ken Audziss, a very talented politico, the Mayor's former campaign manager and Chief of Staff, and largely responsible for Mayor Eisenberger's successful and innovative campaign that got him elected, is now working for Larry Di Ianni.

Di Ianni has also followed Mayor Eisenberger's lead, and is refusing to accept donations from corporations or unions, during this campaign. You will recall that Eisenberger refused to accept such donations last campaign is again refusing to accept such donations this time around.

Are you surprised that Ken Audziss is now working for Larry after being a driving and pivotal force for Fred? What , if anything, does this say about Larry? Fred? Ken?

Hamilltonian Staff

The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municiple election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context and our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote. To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca.

Di Ianni Decides- But Can He Come Back?

Di Ianni comes out swinging. Updated article here

He was defeated during the last round by Fred Eisenberger by a mere 452 votes. At the wrong end of such a slim margin, and with an indisputable yearning to reclaim the job of Mayor of the City of Hamilton, it is hardly a suprise that Larry Di Ianni is expected to throw his hat back in the ring and is touting a new and improved look.

As he told The Spec "This is a new and improved Larry,"This is someone who has learned some political lessons, but also has seen the community, and the importance of council, from a different perspective." (see full article here).

Larry continues to display a sense of inner resolve and confidence. When asked what he would do if he lost the election, he told The Spec "I will do exactly what I'm doing now. I will continue to volunteer. I will continue to enjoy my family. I fully expect, however, that may not be necessary. I don't have any delusions about how difficult it will be -- but I think it will be doable."

One of the factors that will make this interesting is that, unlike in the last round, both Eisenberger and Di Ianni now have a track record of being in the mayor's chair, enabling people to make some degree of comparison.

Di Ianni alleges that Eisenberger has weaknesses on the leadership front, on taxation and on the ability to ensure decorum in council. Di Ianni also knows he (Di Ianni) will have demons to battle -- especially his conviction for illegally accepting campaign donations in his 2003 mayoral run. Though the judge and a forensic accountant found the violations were unintentional, he has had difficulty shedding the misstep. However, Di Ianni says he's confident residents will be able to look beyond his mistake.

Will it be a similar close race between Eisenberger and Di Ianni? Will Butani or others be a significant factor or an equal contender? Are we bound to these choices or will someone else enter the race? Does Mayor Eisenberger have enough positive attributes to outweigh the criticism being thrown his way? Will more of the same, lead to more of the same?

The Hamiltonian Staff

The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municiple election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context and our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote. To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

You, YouTube and Helping Police Catch the Culprits

As reported by CHML (see story here), Hamilton Police are utilizing Youtube as one tool to garner the public's assistance in catching suspects wanted for crimes.

They've posted a video of two suspects wanted for street robberies where pepper spray was used as a weapon.They happened in the Westdale area last weekend.

To see the video,  click here  If you know anything about this crime, contact Hamilton Police or Crimestoppers. Please do not post information here as it will not appear. Please contact Hamilton Police or Crimestoppers.

Mayoral Candidate Mahesh Butani- New Article

With all of the speculation around whether there will be an Eisenberger/DiIanni rematch, it's easy to forget that if DiIanni runs, in addition to Mayor Eisenberger,  there will be a number of contenders for the Mayor's office. These contenders also include Mahesh Butani, Michael Baldasaro, Edward Graydon, Andrew Haines and Glenn Hamilton, thus far.

The following article was submitted by Mayoral candidate Mahesh Butani, and is published here for your review and comments.

Viva La Cripps! Viva La Sprawl!

Our prized local suburban sprawl activist, blogger and boutique journalist has finally served Hamilton the biggest double whopper to date: “...us suburbanites are just pieces of meat for the ravenous lords of downtown.” (click here to see)

Friday, July 23, 2010

DiIanni Decision is Imminent

The Hamiltonian has learned that former mayor Larry DiIanni will be hosting a media conference on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. It is expected that he will announce his Mayoral intentions for the 2010 municipal election.

Your thoughts?

Hamiltonian Staff

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Media Release-HCCI Executive Director leaving post

July 21, 2010  Hamilton’s Centre for Civic Inclusion Executive Director Madina Wasuge is leaving the organization after four years. Wasuge was the founding director of the organization, which has a mandate to make Hamilton an inclusive and welcoming community for all citizens, including new immigrants.

“HCCI was the child of two community initiatives, Strengthening Hamilton’s Communities Initiative and the Civic and Cultural Resource Centre. They came together to become stronger, and HCCI was born to carry on the mission of making our city as welcoming as possible. Madina took on leadership of HCCI for its formative years, and leaves a healthy and robust organization ready to move into the next phase of development. We owe Madina a tremendous debt of appreciation and gratitude,” said Howard Elliott, co-chair of HCCI’s board of directors.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Perspectives

Please find attached links to two interesting articles from Matt Jelly and Dan Jelly. The one by Matt is  found here

The one authored by Dan,  appears in today's Spec, found here.

Hamiltonian Staff

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Smooth R.I.D.E.

As reported on CHML, the Hamilton Police had a good outcome on a recent R.I.D.E. program.

Saturday night, from 10pm to 1 am, police set up RIDE lanes on the Claremont Access, Highway 8 in Dundas and on Fiddlers Green in Ancaster.
A total of 550 vehicles were stopped. Five people were ticketed for equipment malfunctions and just one breathalyzer test was issued; that person passed.

Do you think Hamiltonians are driving more responsibly? Can we expect more of these types of results?

P.S. Hats off to the women and men of the Hamilton Police Services!

Hamiltonian Staff

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Future Fund's Future Applicability to East Mountain Pan Am site.

The Future Fund was created in 2002 with a one-time injection of $137 million from Hamilton Hydro . To read about its history, click here.

The city raised the $137 million by asking Hamilton Hydro to borrow against its assets. That loan is being repaid by hydro users through their bills. At the advice of a panel of community members and politicians, the city set aside $100 million as a community trust fund to be a perpetual source of money for special projects.

The other $37 million was set aside to be spent between 2002 and 2007 on high-priority projects such as restoring the Art Gallery of Hamilton, rebuilding Hughson Street downtown, contributing to the Dieppe Memorial on the Beach Strip and helping Hamilton Food Share.

Its mission statement is "to preserve and manage a permanent, self-sustaining fund as a lasting legacy for current and future generations of Hamiltonians to enjoy economic prosperity, enhanced social fabric, and enhanced community life."

In question is whether the fund's purpose and intent is aligned with a potential East Mountain Pan Am site.

Abdul Khan Update

In the past, The Hamiltonian had committed to not forgetting about Abdul Khan and the allegations he brought forward. Recently, we touched base with Mr. Khan and asked him if he had any update on the outstanding matters regarding his allegations. In response, he wrote:

Thanks for following up. About 6/7 weeks back, I was approached by the City and asked if I would be willing to come to Hamilton to meet with a team of investigators. I advised them that I would be pleased to do that and I was informed that they will contact me when the team is ready. Later I had an enquiry from City's Internal Auditor seeking clarifications about an issue in my e-mail to council and I immediately responded back to that.

This is the update at this time. Hope you and other members of the Hamiltonian are enjoying the Summer.

Published with Mr. Khan's permission. As The Hamiltonian is committed to hearing all sides of any issue, the City has a standing invite to respond at any time.

Comments welcome.

Media Release- Ward 10's Bernard Josipovic

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, 9 July 2010—It is with great pleasure that we welcome and formally introduce Mr. Bernard Josipovic, the newest candidate running for Ward 10 Councillor in Hamilton. With his “Fresh face, fresh ideas, fresh start” campaign under way, Bernard is ready to listen, understand, and give a voice to his residents in order to address the issues that matter most.

Bernard joins the candidacy with a professional, academic and personal background in the communications field, both in journalism and public relations. Having lived in Stoney Creek for over 22 years, Bernard knows firsthand the issues that residents face, and is ready to take on the challenge of addressing and solving these problems.

The main agenda of the “Fresh face, fresh ideas, fresh start” campaign is to bring much needed change to Ward 10 through regular open dialogue and a representative that is prepared to listen to the residents and their ideas and concerns. Bernard is ready to take on that challenge with a political platform agenda including—but not limited to—solving traffic issues (Highway 8 and Fruitland Road), making sure every resident enjoys the City of Hamilton's services, cleaning up local parks, noise complaints, loitering, to name a few.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Media Release- Young professionals from Hamilton’s business community - West Harbour Site

Notice of Press Conference

Who: Young professionals from Hamilton’s business community are calling a press conference to state their support for the proposed West Harbour Stadium location. The press conference is open to all press and spectators.

Speakers will include:
Martinus Geleynse (The Hamilton24 Festival, MG International Group of Companies)
Don Forbes (MacGillivray Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors)
Patricia Roque (Acclamation Bar and Grill)
*More speakers will be added!

What: The press conference will last approximately 30 minutes. The format will consist of several short speeches by young professionals and community leaders.

When: At 10:00 AM on Friday, July 16th, 2010

Where: At the corner of Stuart and Caroline – the proposed west harbour location for the stadium
Why: To make clear, positive statements encouraging the City to locate the proposed stadium in the west
harbour location.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tug of War Continues

The ongoing tug of war between proponents of the West Harbour Site and proponents of alternative sites continues, as several articles appeared in the Hamilton Spectator today presenting varying view points.

"If there was a medal in the Pan Am games for squandering opportunities, Hamilton City Council would win Gold" , reads a sign that appears on a Hamilton storefront, complete with a display of several rats fleeing from a ship. The display mocks some city councillors willing to move the stadium after Ticat owner Bob Young proposed $74 million toward construction and operation. 'Paws off' is the motto of the citizen campaign Our City Our Future, which aims to head off the Tiger-Cats bid to move the Pan Am stadium site from the west harbour. See full story here

An opposite viewpoint is presented in today's Spectator by Hamilton Lawyer and activist Herman Turkstra. In his article, Turkstra argues that Young brought the right experts to the table and that he, in effect, saved the city from failure. He writes "And in the midst of all this, one man came into Hamilton with real cash, paid no attention to the fact that the city stadium selection process sidelined him, and hired real experts to help determine where a successful stadium could be built. Every one of those experts said the west harbour site would fail."

Turkstra also writes "The best thing that Hamilton's urban core could get is hundreds more families living as close to King and James as possible. Living there 365 days a year, shopping there 52 weeks of the year. Working there year after year. That was the conclusion of the Setting Sail planning process. It is a very sound conclusion." The opinion piece is worth a read. See it here

Clearly, there are passionate views from all sides about site location, process used, mistakes that could have been avoided etc. But at this stage, are you concerned about the ongoing polarization in views? Do you think this will jeopardize our efforts and/or continue to tarnish our reputation as a city? In other words, is there too much fighting going on and do we simply need to land ?

Hamiltonian Staff

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back Seat Driving or Leadership?

" I would have treated the Ti-Cats as a strategic partner and say let's walk down this path together: this is what we want, this is what the city needs and these are the benefits. Let's see if we can make it happen." This is a quote from former Mayor Larry DiIanni to the Hamilton Spectator, on the topic of how the Pan Am Stadium talks were handled. More specifically, DiIanni took aim at Mayor Eisenberger alleging that the Mayor treated the Ti-Cats as  a "pesky tenant who's not payng his rent".

The Mayor fired back by saying " It's easy to be an armchair quarterback but I think it's substantially wrong to say that the Tiger Cats weren't a partner in all of this, all the way through this piece".  The Mayor pointed out that the Ti-Cats played a role in the bid's lead up and were kept in the loop every step of the way.

Unpaid Taxes

According to a Spectator article, The City of Hamilton is carrying more than $120 million on its books in unpaid fines, overdue property taxes and other hard-to-collect accounts, forgoing potential revenue at a time when funds for city services are in short supply. See full story here

"This is going on in municipalities right across the province," says Councillor Russ Powers, chair of council's audit and administration committee. "But we can always do better. Over the last couple of years, I think we realized that this is a lost revenue source and that we need to get on top of it."

"It's been baby steps but we're trying to make progress," says Rob Rossini, general manager of finance. "We'd love to collect every dollar, but we're not there."City officials say the accounts in arrears have no impact on day-to-day operations, because the city does not count on them for funds.

Municipal expert Harry Kitchen says uncollected accounts are always a problem for cities because "it means the tax dollars then have to be collected from those people who are paying." Technically what's happening is the people who are paying are paying way more than they ought to be and those who aren't paying are getting away with a free ride," says Kitchen, professor emeritus of economics at Trent University."You certainly don't want that. It's not fair."

To see a list of the Top 10 Tardy Taxpayers, see the Spec article here

Hamiltonian Staff

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Hammer Nails It

As reported in the Spec (see full article here), The city has found a legal loophole that will save millions of dollars by allowing it to hire contractors who aren't affiliated with the carpenters union.

Since 2005, only contractors who are signatory to the carpenters' union have been allowed to bid on city construction jobs. City staff have argued this deal costs the city $4 million to $10 million each year.

After receiving new legal advice, the city voted Thursday to open up all industrial and commercial projects to all general contractors. It's a major victory for the city in its ongoing battle with the carpenters union. Comments?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet Kevin Wright

Kevin Wright, candidate in Ward 2, brings with him an interesting array of work and life experience. In 1989, Kevin attended high school in Hamilton. He then earned an Honours degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

In 2006-07, he served as an Officer in the Canadian army,  stationed in Afghanistan on a reconstruction team. In March 2007, he was stationed in Petawawa. In September 2007, he was left the army and completed a program at Sheridan College on Corporate Communications. From May 08 to December 08, he was in Newfoundland working for the Federal Department of Oceans and Fisheries. In January 2009, he worked for a Non Profit Organization in Waterloo, helping to market jobs on behalf of persons living with a disability. In April 2010 he began working for another Non Profit Organization in Welland, focusing on nutritious food for low income people.

He cites his 5 ½ years of experience as an Officer in the Army, as providing him with  leadership skills and training  he will employ if he were successful in his bid for city councilor. He emphasizes being a proactive councilor and focusing on collaboration, while keeping a very principled approach.

Kevin can be contacted at  votekevinwright@gmail.com or by phone 905-730-1685. Comments welcome.

Note: The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municiple election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context and our  focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote.  To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca.  Teresa.

Butani - Media Release

Media Release


Sub: Mahesh P. Butani mayoral candidate announces release of Specific Initiatives on his website - www.ButaniForMayor.com
Hamilton, Ontario, July 09, 2010 — Mayoral candidate Mahesh P. Butani is pleased to announce the release of his Specific Initiatives at: www.ButaniForMayor.com.

This release highlights his vision and approach on the critical issue of creating new jobs in our local economy.Under his overall theme of InnovateHamilton - InnoHa!, Butani presents a very unique and highly innovative approach to economy rebuilding called HAMILTONGreenPORT. This initiative will reset our city's trajectory by establishing the first true multi-modal axis, which will facilitate growth of new businesses and create new kinds of jobs.

Redhill Floodway?

Seems that this nasty rain is once again causing havoc in Hamilton. A clogged outlet in the Red Hill Valley Parkway drainage system is also getting the blame for flooding in that area. As reported by CHML , the City's Acting Senior Director of Environment and Sustainable Infrastructure stands by the design of the parkway and the system.

The Red Hill Valley Parkway had to be shut down from the QEW to Barton Street due to flooding.

Are you surprised by the difficulty the Redhill Parkway seems to have during heavy rainfalls? Is this a design issue in your view, or simply due to the havoc such heavy rains naturally cause?

See CATCH release pasted below

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ivor Wynne Thing

With all this talk about the Pan Am West Harbour stadium, it is easy to forget that there will  residual decisions to be made about the future of Ivor Wynne. This has not escaped Paul Tetley, Ward 3 contender, who submitted the following article. Comments welcome:

Let's Plan Now for Ivor Wynne-Site's Next Use

Paul Tetley

While excited by the potential of a new stadium to replace Ivor Wynne Stadium, I've noted one important issue has yet to receive any mention or discussion. What will become of Ivor Wynne when the new stadium is completed and the Tiger-Cats have moved?

By Law Blitz

The city has hired six municipal bylaw enforcement officers to beef up enforcement for bylaw busters in Wards 1 to 8. The officers were trained last month and will be sworn in at a committee of the whole meeting tomorrow.

The initiative, dubbed Project Compliance, will cost the city nearly $600,000. About $450,000 will go toward hiring the part-time officers for 18 months, averaging $75,000 per officer.A temporary, full-time clerk would also be hired at a cost of $90,000 and $58,000 will be allocated to operate three cars.

Fees and fines from the program would go to a city parking financial reserve, which plans to cover the $598,000 price tag.The officers would focus on particular property standard issues in each ward involved in the project.  See full Spec article here

Are you supportive of these expenditures? Comments?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dissing the Urban Element in Aerotropolis Consultations?

According to a C.A.T.C.H. report, the  summer public consultation meetings on the aerotropolis will only be held in the rural area.  Two of the three public information sessions will be held in the Ancaster fairgrounds on Jerseyville Road – on July 15 and September 8. The third is set for August 3 in the Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope.

The three summer public information centres will be open from 2 to 4 pm and 6 to 8 pm. A final meeting of the aerotropolis community liaison committee (CLC) has been set for 6:30 pm on July 12. As has been the case for all other CLC gatherings, it is being held in Mount Hope.

No meetings are scheduled for the urban area where more than 90 percent of Hamiltonians live. There is no HSR service to the Ancaster site, and only rush hour buses to the Mount Hope museum.

The aerotropolis issue attracted over 1500 responses to an on-line Spectator poll , with two-thirds of them indicating they are opposed to sacrificing more farmland for hoped-for industrial development.

Do you think a balanced consultation can be had, if no meetings are scheduled for the urban area where more than 90 percent of Hamiltonians live?