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The following are The Hamiltonian's media release guidelines and some things you should know:

The Hamiltonian does not charge any fees to publish a media release.

A media release that is of particular interest to Hamiltonians, and/or  is in the public interest, and/or is innovative or otherwise may be of interest or value to Hamiltonians, will be given serious consideration for publication.

Media releases that are slanted toward commercial interests and the pursuit of free advertising, are likely to be rejected.  

The Hamiltonian may offer the ability for our readers to comment on media releases through our comments facility. Comments need to be respectful and comply with our policy on commenting.

Despite the above, The Hamiltonian will not publish all media releases that it receives. To do so would run counter to the core intent of The Hamiltonian. 

These are guidelines. If your release does not get published, please understand that we cannot publish each release that we receive. 

The Hamiltonian may afix its own "headline" to a media release. In all cases we will strive to make it suitable to The Hamiltonian and to the release, and if we do add our own headline, we will make note of that at the bottom of the release.

In the future, media releases will be published in a purple/lilac colour font to distinguish them as such.

Media Releases should only be sent to admin@thehamiltonian.info. If  the content of your media release is already available on a web page, please provide the link. 


The Hamiltonian

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  1. I enjoy checking out the Hamiltonian daily. It provides me with a non main stream media perspective of what's happening in our community. My complements to Mr. Santucci on his most recent article concerning the school closure issue. Schools are an integral part of a neighbourhood and community. Closures may address the cost of education but do nothing to access the value of a school to a community. It is refreshing from my perspective as a new retiree to see the next generation determined to have more input and say into the future of schools than mine did. Best advice from a veteran media man; change is best implemented from the inside. Run for office and bring a new, community focus perspective.

    optimistic, Barry Coe-retiree


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