Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reader Email Questions

This is an email we received from a Hamiltonian. We thought we'd post it and direct it to all candidates, regardless of what ward you are running in, whether you are the incumbent or challenger, or whether you're running for mayor. Let's see who is willing to engage. Post your answers in the comments section please. Here is the email, verbatim:

One of the issues that the Mayor and Councilors face - is how to get things done at City Hall. The Mayor and Councilors don't actually do the work  and that’s the big misunderstanding. There's staff for that.

Question 1:   the Mayor and Councilor’s govern! Do the candidates actually know what that means? Explain

The Last Blast

As reported  by CHML, U.S. Steel is shutting down its last working blast furnace in Hamilton, citing market conditions as the impetus. No lays offs yet. Workers are expected to show up for work but their duties may include going over training materials. 

Do you think this is simply a temporary set back, or is this more serious than that?

Poll Results

In an unscientific poll conducted on The Hamiltonian, 77% of those who responded, believe that given its magnitude, the Aerotropolis issue should be deferred to the next council. 

Pic of the Moment

The second water main break within 2 weeks on Fruitland Rd.  - a road that continues to be punished by a high volume of transport truck and vehicle traffic, despite it being a residential road. Street protests continue as residents fight to have the road closed and made into a cul de sac, as was initially assured.
Water Main Break Sept 30

Patch from water main break on Sept 17th 2010

Knocking on Heaven's Door

It's that time of year. Signs are up and candidates, for the most part, are knocking on doors trying to shore up votes. The handshakes, the smiles, the pamphlets and the promises. 

With most people leading busy lives and balancing many priorities, the window of time and tolerance that one can afford to listening to the various pitches, is limited. So, we thought we'd ask you:

What works and doesn't work when candidates knock on your door? What advice might you have for them?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Online Voting

Click on pic
Neighbouring Burlington is introducing online voting (see link to their page here) 

On the surface, some may argue that this is a great idea and a natural progression;- one that might increase voter participation. Others might argue that it is fraught with problems including being able to guard against hacking, system crashes and voter fraud.

Do you think this idea's time has come? Is Burlington one step ahead of us, or venturing into troubled water?

Thanks to J.W. for this topic idea. 

Bratina's Focus

“If (voters) feel the last 10 years were great, pick one of those two guys,” he said. “But I’m not here to really battle or argue who’s got the cleverest little policy item today. This is about leadership, and we have to change things.” 

That is an excerpt from one of the statements Bob Bratina made in reference to Fred Eisenberger and Larry Di Ianni, as he spoke about his focus and campaign platform. See full Spec article here . Amongst other things, he also mentioned examining de-amalgamation and a need for professionalism at council meetings.  Comments welcome. 

Meet Ward 2 Contender Dawn Lescaudron

1. What is your sense for the constituents in your Ward’s, satisfaction with their current councillor? What do you bring to the table that differentiates you as a candidate? What will you do differently?

Although I don’t share some of Mr. Bratina’s opinions I feel that he has served well.  As is always the case, the comments are mixed but I would respectfully say that he is easily recognized and admired by many.  But, change brings promise!  I promise to bring the change that is much needed.
My passion for Ward 2 and the City of Hamilton is the fuel for my drive.  I am hard working, honest, caring and dedicated.  I enjoy listening while others like to speak and I enjoy doing while others like to watch.  As Councillor I would tend to all matters within the ward, I would listen and act immediately to the concerns brought forward and I would use best judgement in making decisions.   

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Priorities by Ward 3 Contender Wilamina McGrimmond

My name is Wilamina McGrimmond, seeking office for Ward 3.

My main priorities for Ward 3 are:

Economic Development:
1) Encourage small business to grow:
Look at small business and see where they can grow and provide greatly needed jobs for Hamilton. By providing assistance for business owners to develope a plan to follow, designed to suite the individual needs of the different business owners.  This also includes making funding more readily available, such as business loans.

Notes from Terry Cooke's Address at The Mayor's Luncheon

See them here     Comments welcome

Meet Ward 3 Contender Sean Gibson

What is your sense for the constituents in your ward’s satisfaction with their current councillor? What do you bring to the table that differentiates you as a candidate? What will you do differently? 

As a local business owner and very engaged and active member of this community, I have the opportunity to interact with many Ward  3 constituents on a daily basis.  My sense is that a tipping point has been reached as many residents have expressed their frustration with a lack of leadership reflective of the specific needs of this community.  Local business development, employment, health and safety, and youth engagement are areas repeatedly identified as needing more attention.  I believe constituents feel current leadership is stagnant and new energy and new vision is needed.  I grew up in Ward 3 and continue to be intimately connected to the people here and to the health and wellbeing of the neighbourhood.  I am dedicated to these constituents and passionate about building a healthier community that provides positive opportunities to all residents. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

20 Reasons to Stop the "Aerotropolis" by Michael Desnoyers,

By Michael Desnoyers- Co Chair - Hamiltonians for Progressive Development

The staff report concerning the urban boundary expansion for the proposed Airport Employment Growth District (“Aerotropolis”) has been released to the public for review. The 74 page report along with the approximately 2100 pages of accompanying appendices is supposedly to be absorbed and understood by councilors in the middle of an election campaign and in time to make a final decision at the council meeting of October 13th.

The PanAm stadium debate is a huge diversion that is obscuring a much more significant decision for Hamilton’s future. At the same October 13 council meeting now earmarked for a stadium decision, city council will also decide on the Aerotropolis – a scheme that will cost far more, and have far greater consequences, but about which there is virtually no public debate or discussion.

As it now stands, the Aerotropolis (Airport Employment Growth District) will convert 2050 acres of vital foodlands into an industrial zone. This proposal is limping towards the finish line despite the unraveling of nearly all its premises and the associated risks with such a huge endeavour remain unanswered!
We immediately call upon Mayor Eisenberger and Council to delay the final decision process for what is the single largest urban boundary expansion in the history of the City of Hamilton until after the municipal election. We implore upon them to consider the following;

Twenty Reasons to Stop the Aerotropolis

Should the Aerotropolis decision be set for Thursday?

Please see the following CATCH release. Given the magnitude of this issue, so you think it should be deferred to the next council and raise the relative issues surrounding (AEGD) as election issues? 
Aerotropolis decision set for Thursday
Councillors are confronted with over 2000 pages of text and maps as they grapple with the proposed addition of at least 3000 acres of rural land to the city’s urban boundary to create an airport employment growth district (AEGD) also known as the aerotropolis. The initial decision is expected at a special meeting of the planning committee on Thursday, followed by a ratification vote on October 13 - the final meeting of the current council and just 12 days before the municipal elections.


We made an error on the poll that is presently up,  asking about turnover in the wards and the mayor's position. Ward 15 should not be included as there is no incumbent. A poll cannot be changed once the first vote is cast, so we cannot change it now.  Please ignore the Ward 15 option. 

Thanks to R.F. for pointing this out. 

Curly, Larry and Moe for Mayor?

Maybe they have the Pan Am solution? - The Hamiltonian Staff
Informative and entertaining article by Andrew Dreschel today in the Spec. See it here

How They Voted in August

How They Voted, is an excellent summary compiled by C.A.T.C.H. which informs people about how councillors and the mayor voted on particular items that came to committee and council meetings over the course of a month. Kudos to CATCH for compiling this info. Another great resource for constituents. Comments welcome. 

How they voted in August
This is a regular CATCH summary of votes at committee and council meetings. This report covers the month of August 2010. The first line of each entry identifies the issue, followed by a brief description. This is followed by the location of the vote in the third line. Multiple votes on the same issue are reported together. Absentees are only listed where reported in the minutes and where the missing councillors are members of that committee or decision-making bo dy. Links are provided to source documents. Note that the vast majority of council decisions are unanimous and the votes are not officially recorded.
Staff recommended appealing a Committee of Adjustment decision to grant a severance at 179 Sunnyridge Road in Jerseyville. The severance had been originally approved in 2008 but lapsed when the owner failed to fulfill its conditi ons. The Committee of Adjustment subsequently re-approved the severance over the objections of city planning staff who contended that the new property is not large enough to provide an adequate septic field and could aggravate an existing problem of high nitrate levels in wells. Approved by committee 4-3 in an unrecorded vote observed by CATCH.
At Economic Development and Planning Committee, August 9 Minutes p1, 22-24
For: Bratina, Duvall, McHattie, Pearson
Against: Ferguson, Mitchell, Pasuta,
Absent: Clark, Whitehead

Meet Ward 9 Contender Nancy Fiorentino

1.   What is your sense for the constituents in your ward’s satisfaction with their current councillor? 

The answer to this question rests with the people of Ward 9 on Election Day.  Who they choose to elect will speak volumes, and will indicate if they are or if they are not satisfied with their current elected representative. I can say that the constituents in Ward 9 are very focused on the political future, and on selecting the person who represents them best in the upcoming municipal election. This election is very important to the people of Ward 9 and I commend them for doing their homework and asking all the right questions. It is my duty (and my nature) to be professional and to be focused on addressing the issues that matter to Ward 9 residents rather than focusing on the performance review or even the satisfaction level with the current councillor. I am very committed and eager to address the concerns of Ward 9, to earn the privilege of representing Ward 9, and successfully fulfilling that role thereafter.      

What do I bring to the table that differentiates me as a candidate? 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hamiltonian Hits

Click on map for better view
Did you know that while The Hamiltonian  garners the lion's share of its hits from Hamilton and surrounding cities,  at present, there are 134 cities across Canada that frequent The Hamiltonian? The map to the left, and the red dots (some of them clustered and overlapping), signify where in Canada  the hits come from. Underneath each dot, the number of hits are counted (this information cannot be had on this graphic). In terms of international visits, The United States accounts for the most frequent hits outside of Canada. Hits from the U.S. are not negligible.  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Re: Warding Questions

Got a question you'd like us to ask candidates running in your ward? Send your questions to adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca. Identify what Ward you are directing your questions to.  We'll send a list of questions to each candidate, and post their responses here.

We have already sent questions to wards 2, 5 and 13 (5 and 13 are pending). We have also already sent questions to the Mayoral candidates- which are also pending. Please submit your questions by day's end Wednesday Sept. 29th. 

The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municipal election. We are neutral. We operate in a democratic context where free speech is valued. Our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote.  For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca

Re-envisioning the Pearl by Mayoral candidate Mahesh Butani

Re-envisioning the Pearl

This Art thing is not working out for the city. Whoever came up with the idea that it is about you and your dreams, was wrong! It has always been about them, their processes and their ways. They own the book on this. You don't.

So don't sweat it. It is time to stop being creative. It is time to conform. The assumptions that artists make are false. There are no variances from the code. It is written in the code book itself.

Ever wonder why the occasional digression is called a minor-variance? It is just that, an insignificant change from the larger plan.

Seizing the Moment

Ward 2 contender Marvin Caplan answers a question posed by Carpe Diem. All other contenders are invited to respond. Simply post your response as a comment on this thread.

Dear Hamiltonian, 

Carpe diem asked for comments on the following:
1. 20% city poverty ( incomes less than LICO level)
2. infrastructure renewal
3. area rating taxation
4. re-alignment of ward boundaries - improve rep by pop
5. economic development - jobs
6. biosolids incineration

My comments are as follows.

Colourful Displays - Waterfalls and Art Crawl

This coming Monday, The City of Waterfalls team will be lighting up Albion Falls at approximately 7:30pm. It will be lit up in blue. The rain date will be the following Tuesday. More info here.

Don't forget the James North  art crawl today/tonight. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Contemporary Engagement

In an unscientific poll conducted on The Hamiltonian, 73% of those who responded, believe that candidates running for Hamilton municipal office, should be engaging on blogs such as The Hamiltonian and Raise the Hammer. 

Hamiltonians and The Pearl Co.

In an unscientific poll conducted on The Hamiltonian. 87% of those who responded, believe that the city is being too hard on The Pearl Co. 

1 for All Update

We are targeting on posting the questions and the answers we received from the mayoral candidates, this Sunday night. Stay tuned....

This is an excerpt from an email that went out to all the Mayoral candidates this morning. So far, we have received confirmation from many of these candidates, that they will participate. Note: We used the emails addresses listed here .  You will note that some mayoral candidates do not have an email listed. If you know of an email address for those who have not listed one, please provide it to adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca. We would like to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity.

Dear Mayoral candidates:
The Hamiltonian (www.thehamiltonian.net), is conducting an excersize whereby Hamiltonians submit questions that they would like to see answered by the mayoral candidates, through The Hamiltonian.
To that end, we have received a number of questions from Hamiltonians to pose to you. These questions are listed at the end of this email.
What we are asking is the following:
1. If you elect to participate, please answer each question, via email submission.
2. All of your answers will be published verbatim. We will not correct spelling or grammar errors.
3. There is no number of words limitations for your answers. Write as much or as little as you would like. As a guide, you may wish to strive to make your answers concise while not shortchanging yourself in terms of a complete and well thought out answer.
4. Important:  The deadline for your completed submission is Friday October 1,  2010 at 4pm. Plain text is preferred (no fancy formatting)
5. Our readership will be alerted to the process.
6. The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municipal election. We are neutral. We operate in a democratic context where free speech is valued. Our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote.

Note:The questions have not been listed in this post, but we received 6 questions. All of which have been submiited verbatim. 

Email bounces received so far and updates. 
Email for Steven Waxman bounced. if anyone knows of a correct email, please advise adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jeff Bonner Withdraws from Ward 8 Race

The Hamiltonian has received the following email from Jeff Bonner and is publishing it with Jeff's permission. We wish Jeff and his family well.

Many feel it is time for change in Hamilton, and that change is quickly approaching with the municipal election on October 25, 2010.

Unfortunately, I won't be a part of it. Due to circumstances of a personal nature, I will be dropping out of the race for the council seat, and ceasing all campaign activities.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to those who supported me in this brief endeavor.

Jeff Bonner  

Musical Notes - Bill Majoros & The Foreign Films

The Foreign Films is a solo project started by Hamilton native  Bill Majoros. His music is written in a cinematic context, using music as a sonic canvas to tell a story.

He is like an archeologist of music who's constantly looking for sounds that will add to the next song he's writing which will bring the story to its finale. He pushes his own limitations and allows people he trusts to help him along the way. His music has been called psychedelic pop, indie pop, art rock, and orchestral pop. In my view it doesn't matter what you call it;  if it's good music people will listen to it and I got a feeling that people will be listening to this music for years to come. I recently had a chat with Bill...

What Role has the city of Hamilton played in your musical career?

"The place you're from, the enviroment, the city scape, your family, the waterfront, it's your emotional backdrop, your home base....this was my starting point....radio in the early days was very open minded...on CKOC(Hamilton's own), you would hear, Beatles, Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Johny Cash and Teenage Head, music is music, not genre specific.

They played songs that touched your heart and thrilled you, songs that reminded you what it is to be alive and be a human being....that radio station really meant alot to me....

You'd hear a local band being played and it made me start to realize that maybe I can make my own record some day....I started meeting people in highschool that were making music....left highschool and went on the road for 2 years....the first serious band I joined was called "AlTogether Morris", we recorded our first album at Grant Avenue Studio right here in Hamilton. This studio was the home base for Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.... Eno/Lanois used inovative ideas to help artists in the studio that was not typical of the way it was done....I played drums on that album, but also always played guitar as well....my next band was with Julie Fader in a band initially called "Flux" then later  called "Flux A.D."....Daniel Lanois saw us play at a club and really liked our band and loved our songs and was a huge help; he helped fund our first album, took us down to New York, set up some showcases....he really helped us alot and had a big impact on our own musical path....

As an artist in Hamilton I would like to continue to reach out to the people in Hamilton...this very magazine, The Hamiltonian, is doing that, it's telling the story of Hamiltonians. I think in Canada, generally speaking, artists have often had to go elsewhere and then come back....what I'm really exited about is that Hamilton is starting to tell the story of our own history and the amazing artists that this city has produced. Hamilton is a great place to create art."

What is it that makes your band so unique/stand out?

As an artist, the only thing you can do is to tell your own story by trying to convey heart and soul....the artists that I admire, I think thats how they become unique....I'm in a process right now in trying to become unique by continually exploring my own ideas....I like the idea of music being a tapestry, a lineage, and hopefully people will percieve it as being unique.

....I think it's good if there's a lineage to great music....I hope to channel all my musical influences into the music I create and make it all my own...hopefully I'm adding to the conversation of modern music....at the end of the day, all the sounds and all the emotion and all the things that have happened to you as a human being, you try to sum that up in your life and you hope that all the great musicians and their influences that you bring on board are channeled into it and that's what makes it unique....where it becomes unique is that interesting blend, and that's what I'm searching for.

What are your goals; are you planning on doing more live shows, are you recording any new songs?

Very specifically, I did the double album "Distant Star" with Carl Jennings a couple years back, which was a watershed of songs that I had built up, and have been developing as a singer....

One of the songs off an E.P. I released recently got picked up by "New Music Express" in England...I'm also in the studio, Threshold studio with Michael Keire, recording some new songs right now, one's called "Night without the Day" and another song called "Glitter" which will probably be released in November....come the new year I'll have 5 or 6 more songs out....I wanna try to keep a constant flow of music and keep the creative momentum going....

I wanna start playing more, travel more...I want to go to Europe and play, my record has had alot of interest there and hopefully articles like this might help here....I also want to tour parts of the States and across Canada...love playing Canada....I wanna start working with more artists, which I am....producing an album for Marie Avery, working with Steve Eggers in a band called " the Nines"....My goal is to just make amazing music and to stay focused....The best music is deeply personal but also universal. "

When and where are you playing next?

I'll be playing at The Rivoli in Toronto on November 11....it's called the "International Pop Overthrow" booked through a guy named David Bashin out of Los Angeles. I may also be doing some low key things in between and I'll keep ya posted.

To find out more about the Foreign Films and hear some great music go to the websites below.


To contact Bill Majoros you can e-mail him at : theforeignfilms@gmail.com and www.billmajoros.ca

Angelo Noto Campanella for
The Hamiltonian

Candidates- Report to the Office!

October 25th is Election Day in Hamilton, so we  are holding a Candidates Forum at the Stinson School (for councillors and for the mayoralty).

We like to think of it as "Exam Day at Stinson School!"

Test the candidates, face to face! Bring your tough questions. See which ones pass the test!
Stay after class ..... 7 p.m. Thursday October 7th at the Stinson School (200 Stinson St. Hamilton, ON).
 It may not be American Idol. But some of the characters are just as "interesting". Musical entertainment and refreshments provided (no tomatoes). 

Written and released to The Hamiltonian by Stinson School lofts


Pic of the Moment

Larry Di Ianni at a Press Conference in which he announced plans to create an arm's length Economic Development Corporation, if elected. Details of the release are here

In the picture,  Di Ianni lightens the discussion, joking that he wanted to make it clear that he "has permission to be here". The event was held at the Memphis Fire Barbeque in Winona. 

The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municipal election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context where free speech is valued. Our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote. To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca

Double Double, or Trouble? Tim Throws a Bodycheck

Question to ponder. Will Tim Hortons allow campaigning in their stores? (asked last night)

See Spec Story of Mayor's plans here

But as reported by CHML today, and as suspected by The Hamiltonian last night, here are Hortons' plans:Tim Horton's is putting a quick stop to Fred Eisenberger's latest plan to drum up votes for next month's election.
The mayor had planned to visit all 80-plus Timmy's in the city in an effort to speak with local residents.
But Tim Horton's has issued a statement, saying, "Any candidate for public office is welcome to visit our restaurants during the campaign... all that we ask is that our customers are allowed to enjoy their stay."
It goes on to say "We would appreciate that no significant campaigning be done on premise or that our restaurants be used for town halls or large campaign events.


The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municipal election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context where free speech is valued. Our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote. To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca

Meet Ward 2 Contender Marvin Caplan

1. What is your sense for the constituents in your ward’s satisfaction with their current councillor? What do you bring to the table that dfferentiates you as a candidate? What will you do differently?

CAPLAN:  I am a candidate for council in Ward 2, which was served by Councillor Bob Bratina, who is a candidate for Mayor in 2010.  I believe constituents always deserve to have their opinions carefully considered. Community groups and organisations must be consulted and partnered with to facilitate good decisions by their representative.  While a Councillor’s job is to represent the Ward, he or she must also keep the needs of the entire city in mind.  Today, governments intersect and overlap in funding and regulations. The Councillor for Ward 2 should be an effective advocate at all levels of government. Given the number of disadvantaged people in our neighbourhoods, the Ward 2 Councillor needs to be a leader with heart for the Heart of Hamilton.

2. Striking a balance between optimally representing your constituents, while also supporting initiatives that are for the common good of Hamilton, is a balance you will have to strike. How will you approach striking that balance?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trash Talk and Fred's Fact Attack

As released by the Eisenberger campaign team. 
September 22, 2010

Fact Check

Larry Di Ianni and the One Bag Limit

Larry Di Ianni, as reported in the September 22, 2010 edition of the Spectator, says he wants people to be able to exceed the one bag limit for garbage over and above the current exceptions following New Year’s Day, Victoria Day and Thanksgiving. He says the one bag limit as it now stands “doesn’t make sense”.

Allegation: Larry Di Ianni says the city should be able to “increase the number of times that you might be able to put out multiple bags, while still adhering to the whole education of reducing so we don’t fill up our landfill, which is not good.”


·        Turning back the clock to a multiple-bag limit on garbage in Hamilton would be a giant step back in terms of environmental stewardship. Hamilton City staff has been proactively implementing measures to help reduce our carbon footprint, not increase it. 

Beyond the change to sporting a  clean cut look, we wanted to ask Matt about his corresponding journey from what some may refer to as an "activist", to a candidate running for political office. What better way to ask that question and others, than to simply ask him. Matt was gracious enough to respond. 

Q. You are making a transition from what some might say is a "Michael Moore" style  activist, to a bid to be a ward politician.
Part A) Would you agree with the characterization of a " "Michael Moore" style activist,. Why, why not?

I don't think about the comparison very much- I don't consider myself an activist in the same vein as Michael Moore- I think part of that comparison has been based more on physical appearance more than the style or specific focus of the work I do as an activist. I'm more locally focussed than Michael Moore, and I have a more direct interest in being a policy maker than being a documentary polemicist. I have appreciated some of Michael Moore's work in the past, but there are some valid criticisms that he tends to use creative editing to bend the truth to a certain pre-determined position on an issue. I think my process is a bit different, and my process keeps evolving.

B) Do you think your activism will help or hinder your bid for ward councillor?

Ward 9's Nancy Fiorentino- Meet and Greet

The Hamiltonian does not endorse or counter any candidate running in the municipal election. We are nuetral. We operate in a democratic context where free speech is valued. Our focus is to engage Hamiltonians in dialogue with one another on matters concerning our great city. We encourage all Hamiltonians to vote. To get to know other candidates who have registered, click here. For more information or to be a guest here, please email adminhamiltonian@cogeco.ca

Larry's Facts

Click here

Mayoral Candidate Bob Bratina

1. You are running against two gentlemen who have been mayor (one presently sitting). Other contenders such as Mr. Butani bring their own brand of leadership to the race. Looking at all of your competition, what do you believe to be your competitive edge and what makes you the best choice for Hamilton? 

-Growth and development in Ward 2 during my term as Councillor has been almost unprecedented.  Also my success as a broadcaster over 45 years in a highly competitive industry, points to my ability to relate to a broad portion of the public.  Radio shows are rated three times a year, and I've had top-rated programs in each of the past five decades, as well as honours such as selection to the Football Reporters of Canada Hall of Fame for 20 years of play by play CFL broadcasts in both Hamilton and Toronto.  Throughout my working career my community servicehas been acknowledged many times with such awards as the Queen's Jubilee Medal, the Paul Harris Fellowship, Mountain Citizen of the Year, finalist for Hamilton Citizen of the Year,  Citations from the Citizenship Court Judges of Canada, Canadian Save the Children, and many others.  The public can make its own comparison.

2. If elected Mayor, what would you do in your first 90 days in office? 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet Ward 7 Contender, Trevor Pettit

1. What is your sense for the constituents in your ward’s, satisfaction with their current councillor? What do you bring to the table that dfferentiates you as a candidate? What will you do differently?

I believe there is a pent up desire for change and a new vision for the city based upon the ongoing debacle of the Pan Am Games and a new stadium. I will bring knowledge of the mountain as a lifelong resident to the table. I know the pulse of the people of the mountain. I will bring a philosophy of consultative yet decisive leadership and experience to the table. I will not necessarily follow the pack but follow the will of the people that elect me.

2. Striking a balance between optimally representing your constituents, while also supporting initiatives that are for the common good of Hamilton , is a balance you will have to strike. How will you approach striking that balance?


In an unscientific poll conducted on The Hamiltonian, 50% of those who responded, indicated that they are considering casting their mayoral vote for a candidate who is not considered to be one of the "presumed front-runners". Are you surprised by this outcome? 

Losing a Pearl

It seems like co-owner Gary Santucci of the Pearl Company, has had enough. Santucci and his partner have found themselves embattled on various fronts, in an effort to sustain the restoration of The Pearl Company. He says he and partner Barbara Milne will put the popular community arts/performance facility up for sale.

This on the heels of  being charged with violating the zoning bylaw for the property at 16 Steven St. in Hamilton's Landsdale area.  Santucci and Milne face a possible fine of $50,000 and ongoing fines of $10,000 a day for every day the non-compliance continues.The use in question was an art show and Art Bus in March 2010. The Pearl Company is not technically permitted to stage any such entertainment or shows, even though Santucci and Milne set it up for that expressed purpose.

Santucci, blames what he calls a dysfunctional city bureaucracy and council that penalize those who try to restore derelict buildings rather than let them rot.

He says the city is making it impossible for the facility to continue, pointing not only to bylaw harassment but also crushing development fees and red tape. Some of the fees, he says, are ridiculous.

Clr. Bernie Morelli commented "Like anything else of this kind, there is a process that you have to go through. Sure it can be frustrating, but you must work through it, follow it. It works in most cases"

It's one obstacle after another", Santucci says ( full Spec story here)

Do you think the city should allow greater latitude to The Pearl Company? Would you like to see these fines and penalties dropped? 

Monday, September 20, 2010

"This is NOT a Press Release"- By Mayoral Candidate Mahesh Butani

September 20, 2010

A sincere request to both the incumbents mayor Fred Eisenberger and the past mayor Larry DiIanni, to put a lid on the press releases:

The press/media release is an instrument that is used to announce something new and substantial or meaningful to the public via the media. It is not a weapon to launch political attacks nor is it a means to authenticate lackluster or dubious political performances of the past decade.

It is an understatement to say that the people of the City of Hamilton have suffered enormously under both your administrations.

Your policies over the last two terms have seen an increase in poverty, loss of industries and jobs, spiraling taxes and user fees, cut in essential services, and the degradation of our environment and physical infrastructure. Both of you have shown a total disregard for the financial and physical realities of our city, and instead have chosen to create and support projects that have brought no immediate or short term reliefs to the residents who have been suffering the serious consequences of your media driven leadership style.

Your continuing indulgence in projecting major economic gains from highly contentious ‘publicly funded’ mega projects, has brought us to the current state of financial and infrastructural crisis we are facing as a city.

With an election in a few weeks, instead of bringing forth policies and plans that at least have the –pretense– of leading us out of the colossal mess that our city has been in since amalgamation, you’ll no doubt continue to challenge the intelligence of the people by indulging in public mudslinging with your so-called 'media releases'.

An Age Old Question?

Thank-you to Mr. Caplan for being good enough to answer the following question. It's one that is based on comments we have heard.

Some may think that you've had your day in local politics and that you should allow for some "new blood" to prevail. How do you respond to people who may espouse that idea?

CAPLAN:  I've had my day? Yes, I had my day, and during my days on council there was a lot of excellent legislation that was passed. I'm proud to say that I played an important part in developing and passing that legislation. 

Creativity and expertise and integrity know no age limit.  I remain deeply committed to serving Hamilton and particularly to addressing the needs of less privileged residents in Ward 2 and supporting the responsible and sustainable economic revitalization of our downtown core in a time of urgent challenges.  I am the only candidate for council in Ward 2 with a proven track record at Hamilton City Council (1995-2004) in advocating effectively for our city and for social justice.  The real question is not 'new blood' but 'smart blood' to address problems of dysfunctionality in City Council and our municipal politics.

Voters should also consider how the Old Boys Club is established. Newer inexperienced councillors take some time in the learning curve.  Many have never been treated with the deference, adulation and respect the importance of their council position suddenly lends them.  It is easy and quite common for them to start to believe they are as wise and knowledgeable as they are treated.  As the saying goes, "been there, done that," and there are more important things to do. With the greatest of admiration and respect for the wonderful people who have put their names forward to run, voters should ask themselves what is more important - new ideas (and I still have those too), or the ABILITY TO IMPLEMENT NEW IDEAS.  New tax policies, or changing the Provincial rules so that new policies can be implemented?  A history of working with one Ward 2 group or a history of knowing that the needs of residents and businesses throughout the Ward are important?  Knowing the entire city is critical to make ward changes happen and work.  Sure, youth, idealism enthusiasm and new ideas are important. So is the wisdom, integrity and experience to help ensure that enthusiasm, innovative ideas and idealism are respected and implemented.  

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