Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eisenberger, Whitehead- a No Show on LRT Questions

With differing opinions on the value of, and implementation strategy for LRT, and with Mayor Eisenberger and Clr. Whitehead disagreeing on many aspects of the issue, thus adding to the controversy, we reached out to both of them in an attempt to have them enunciate, amongst other things, their vision for Hamilton as it relates to transit.

It is with a sense of disappointment that we report to our readers that both the Mayor and the Clr. refused to engage. While atypical of both, The Hamiltonian sees this as a mis-step and a failed opportunity to respect the interests of Hamiltonians. If they have a change of heart, we will reconsider their positions.

Here are the questions we posed:

 It is clear that you share differing views on LRT and its planned implementation in Hamilton. The Hamiltonian believes that with a complex project such as LRT, all views regardless of perspective, are poised to add value to the LRT decision and its potential implementation. It is in that spirit that we asking you both to reply to the following questions for publication purposes in The Hamiltonian. 

1. Specific to the future of Hamilton which would include a refreshed transit system, what is your vision for Hamilton in this regard. Said another way, if we get it right, what would it look like in the short, medium and long term?

2. Switching now to the current plans for LRT, what are the major questions that give you pause. Conversely, what is it about the current plans that provide you with assurance that we are proceeding down the right path?

3. Taking the politics out of it, how will you work to ensure that the politics do not degrade your obligation to Hamiltonians to champion the right solutions, and have frank and honest, respectful  discussions about the strengths and vulnerabilities of any given plan. 

4. You both seem to have a different perspective as to the value of LRT as it is presently being planned.  Do you allow that there is value in your differing views and arguments?

5. Is there anything else you’d like Hamiltonians to know about your perspectives on the LRT issue.


  1. The CaptainJanuary 26, 2017

    Sounds like they are taking a page from Donald Trump. Bad example to follow.

    Captain Hamilton

  2. Funny how both will create all this drama about LRT on their terms, but when asked a few intelligent questions, they balk.

    P.S. @ Fred and terry, LRT questions will only get harder from here. Find somewhere to hide.

    Oracle Bill

    Where is this paper available? and how much?

    1. The Hamiltonian AdminJanuary 26, 2017

      Dear Oracle Bill. At present, The Hamiltonian is an online offering with no print copy. There is no fee. We are a not for profit outfit, independent and completely self funded, with the help of our volunteers..

      Thank-you for reading.

      The Hamiltonian Admin

  3. The questions are reasonable. What's the problem? For someone like me, who needs information because I am confused about LRT, I would hope that my elected council would answer see fit to share information. Did they give a reason why they are not responding? Did they even bother too?

  4. I'l start it for Whitehead

    I envision a Hamilton that anticipates the changing modes of transportation in a forward looking society. I believe in nimble transportation system unentrenched and able to respond to new technologies , demands and lifestyles.

    P.S. It takes leadership to step up and cowardice to step away.

  5. I can appreciate Whitehead's reticence given the treatment he has received recently at the hand's of "the voice of our community"
    Does anyone think it was a coincidence that the Spec. was forced to issue retractions and apologies for inaccurate articles on 2 of LRT's staunchest critic's?
    Quickly sinking to new depth's, many local "journalist's" proudly betray bias and prejudicial editorial.
    Stay the course. This site has already risen above the competition, and will likely increase in influence as others flounder.

    1. The CaptainJanuary 26, 2017

      I agree. Relatively new to me, but an excellent find. You have Captain Hamilton's blessing

      Captain Hamilton

    2. One of the unfortunate side-effect's of a shareholder-driven media economy is that outlets such as dailie's and weeklie's are expected to deliver earning's for their shareholder's, so writer's and editor's double as fact-checker's (though at least the infrastructure exists... blog's often reprint copy word-for-word without testing or challenging the accuracy of claim's, statistics' or assertion's), which means that reader's are often obligated to be more critical media consumer's (never a bad thing) and also endure irritating spelling and grammatical error's as well as improper punctuation that is symptomatic of haste and lack of attention to detail.

      Miriam Webster

    3. while Rome burns, anonymous wordsmith's bristle.


  6. 1. in order to "get it right", we would have to know what we want. This is not going to happen. Despite a decade of planning, we have no idea how this will look (and we are actually taking effort to disguise how it will look) How can anyone expect me to look further afield?
    2. with the mode, route, fare, number of stops etc. still in question, how could anyone have confidence we are proceeding effectively?
    3. I am political and will not be removed from the discussion. Period.
    4. On the basis of such weak argument in support of the proposal, I view any dissent as threatening. I will respond as if you were attacking my child.
    5. I am right. He talks funny. I support a culture at Council where opposition to my vision should be derided, disrespected and flaunted with juvenile antics more familiar on a schoolyard. I encourage it, I condone it. It will be my undoing.

    Look for me in my new job in 2019 out at the Rockton World Fair. I will be in charge of collections at the "Tilt-a-Whirl"!

    Principal Skinner

  7. When were the questions sent? Did they actually refuse to answer, or is that a subjective interpretation of a lack of response? Do you indicate a deadline for reply when you send questions? Do you request RSVP? When you ask a single, opinion-based question do you expect answers in a shorter period of time than if asking several more involved policy questions? It's hard to gauge how egregious this lapse is and who is ultimately at fault. When daily newspapers cannot reach individuals for comment, for example, they will note as much. Only a explicit refusal should be described as a refusal. Inflating a wait for reply with hyperbole can reflect poorly on the author and by extension the publication.


    1. You must be new here/

      Sylvia(The hockey mom)

  8. The Hamiltonian AdminJanuary 30, 2017

    We can assure you that we have a very professional rapport with the Mayor and Clr, Whitehead. We also have a very good rapport with the city. Our requests are always sent respectfully and with a proposed deadline which is negotiable.

    We have always had great success with the city and the mayor and many councillors, as well as their staff. On this occasion, we sent the request with a proposed deadline. We also sent two requests for updates post that. These requests were not responded, to.

    As mentioned, this is an anomaly and not typical of the mayor or Clr, Whitehead where requests from TH are concerned.

    Following our posting this article, we received the joint statement.

    We are committed to continuing what has otherwise been a very good rapport with the Mayor, Clr. Whitehead and other city reps.

    The Hamiltonian


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