Monday, February 27, 2017

With Paul Johnson- on The Bay Street LRT Stop

Enjoy our chat with LRT Project Director Paul Johnson, on the topic of the possible Bay Street stop. 

In August 2016, The Hamiltonian interviewed officials from Portland Oregon to get some insights into their LRT experience and lessons learned. This exchange could be seen here: http://www.thehamiltonian.net/2016/08/a-portland-perspective-on-lrt_23.html

When asked specifically about lessons learned and things to watch out for, one of the pieces of advice is quoted below:

"Probably the biggest lesson I've learned, is as we build extensions to the line, be careful of how many stations you put in. The number of stations and the travel times...so, it's a combination of how often do you stop and how important the stations are. We basically have a very long line and to get from one end to the other takes you a long time. So, be careful about the number of stations you put in. I think you need to find a balance between what's there today, what can you imagine can be there in the future, what are great bus connections, ...but everybody wants a station and you need to be frugal with those as you look at that extension. Make sure you're smart about when you're putting those in. Because it's really about high capacity transit. It's not a bus. There's a tool for every kind of transit.

In light of this, and assuming LRT proceeds, and in the context of a contemplated Bay street stop, can

Picture of the Moment – 15th Living Rock Soupfest

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Our Food for Thought columnist, Alex Bielak, will be one of the foodie judges for the 15th Living Rock Soupfest tomorrow, Tuesday February 28th, 11:00am-9:00pm at the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s. There’s entertainment, and local celebrities and politicians come out to serve soup and help with the event. Proceeds from this popular event support youth-at-risk and tickets are available at the door: opening ceremonies are at 11:45. Drop on by to support a great cause.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Classic Rock Show- Hamilton Place

Quite possibly, The Classic Rock Show is the best classic rock show on the planet. Starting off strong with Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love the eight piece band made up of two male and one female vocalist, two lead/rhythm guitarists, a bass player, keyboard player and drummer, churned out masterful renditions of classic rock standards. 

Song after song was executed precisely as initially recorded, virtually note for note. The band's accuracy was so exact that they demonstrated an uncanny ability to play songs in perfect sync with the songs' originals videos that were often projected during the song. 

There were multiple standing ovations and priceless moments too numerous to mention. From the hard hitting Texas rock of ZZ Top's La Grange  to the epic Bat Out of Hell, the band energized the audience throughout.  Simmering down only for a moment to deliver an unplugged version of Led Zeppelin's Going to California, the band proved that they in fact are masters of the alphabet of classic rock. A show well worth seeing. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LRT- an Oh My moment?

LRT continues to present a myriad of conversations and challenges, in a way fairly typical of a project this large. To date, in the face of these challenges, camps have become apparent and tough questions continue to be asked by some. 

Is it unusual that something this big would cause angst, divisiveness and deviations from original plan? Not really. It would be remarkable and arguably impossible to think otherwise. 

And while the camps are clear and there appears no sign of individuals becoming dislodged from their entrenched positions. today, as reported in the Hamilton Spectator (click here to go there or purchase today's print copy), Clr. Merulla has indicated that he plans to bring forward a motion asking Metrolinx to estimate the latest cost to the city if the project were abandoned. 

Your thoughts? Do you support the Clr.'s intended query and are we at a place that we need to understand this sooner than later, or do you remain confident that LRT will prevail in Hamilton? 

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Media Release: HCA 2016 Photo Contest Winners Announced

After a yearlong contest and nearly 1,000 entries, the top prizes have been awarded for the Hamilton Conservation Areas 2016 Photo Contest.

The complete gallery of winning photos can be found by
clicking here. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Hamiltonians

The photos above are of great Hamiltonians who added colour, passion, honour  and spirit to our great city.  

Whenever publishing a tribute of this nature, there is always a risk of having missed someone. The collage above is by no means all inclusive. Please feel free to add names of people you'd like to see mentioned. 

In honour and in memory of these, and other great Hamiltonians who left us too soon.