Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Classic Rock Show- Hamilton Place

Quite possibly, The Classic Rock Show is the best classic rock show on the planet. Starting off strong with Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love the eight piece band made up of two male and one female vocalist, two lead/rhythm guitarists, a bass player, keyboard player and drummer, churned out masterful renditions of classic rock standards. 

Song after song was executed precisely as initially recorded, virtually note for note. The band's accuracy was so exact that they demonstrated an uncanny ability to play songs in perfect sync with the songs' originals videos that were often projected during the song. 

There were multiple standing ovations and priceless moments too numerous to mention. From the hard hitting Texas rock of ZZ Top's La Grange  to the epic Bat Out of Hell, the band energized the audience throughout.  Simmering down only for a moment to deliver an unplugged version of Led Zeppelin's Going to California, the band proved that they in fact are masters of the alphabet of classic rock. A show well worth seeing. 

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