Monday, April 17, 2017

LRT and the Wisdom of Solomon

As the Mayor continues to double down on LRT, doing his best to convey the value of going forward, the question remains whether his colleagues are convinced.

No doubt, the project is large and complex and presents inherent risks, which is true for any such large scale project.

Some have proposed that the LRT solution is a solution that gets at our ailing infrastructure, and while that argument may be relevant, it may put the transit component of LRT in a secondary light. Does that add or detract from the value of LRT as a transit remedy; you decide.

Facing death by delay, Wednesday's vote will be very telling. With 30 million dollars  already spent, will council see Wednesday as an opportunity to curtail the spending on a project that is not right for Hamilton, or will it invest in LRT as the right solution for Hamilton?

One thing for certain, this moment will require the wisdom of Solomon.

Update: The Spec is reporting that the results of the city wide survey reveal that 55% of decided respondents, are against the project. See full article here


  1. https://www.gotquestions.org/Wisdom-of-Solomon.html

    Chap Verse

  2. This is Fred's "best"? Recently he threatened if we turn our back now, we are on the hook for 70-80 million that Metrolinx has already spent. Turns out that wasn't just ridiculous, but entirely inaccurate. Turns out it is still ridiculous, but something less than 30 million. Mr.Merulla was telling all who would listen the project represented almost 700 million in infrastructure upgrades. Turns out that wasn't even close either, now something less than 200 million and falling by the press release.
    1 billion dollar investment. 200 million for LRT. 200 million for infrastructure upgrades.
    Is it just me? Or is this math starting to resemble something dreamed up by a collection of anonymous zealots?

    "and their heart deceitful and desperately wicked"
    Jeremiah 17:9

    Solomon appears to have demonstrated something approaching humility with his request. Fred's epiphany appears carved in stone.

  3. Never let the facts get in the way of your fiction seems to be the mayors playbook just like the stadium fiasco

  4. You make a very good point here. A few politicians are touting this as a means to fix infrastructure. They betray themselves here. If LRT was a sound idea as a transit remedy, it should stand on its own. Because it can't, they cite these "secondary" ideas.

    Given enough rope, the average politician will hang him/herself. That's what happened here. Congrats ;-)

  5. 55% of decided voters polled are in opposition to the project, 2/3 believe a referendum should be held.
    Some people have a grasp of what is going on here, and some remain in a state of absolute delusion.
    Which camp are you in?

    1. LRT Poll Results: Majority of Hamiltonians not opposed to Hamilton LRT

      Jim Taylor

  6. the "value" of LRT as a transit remedy is established, and "we" are not buying it. Time for those who have advocated for same in the face of ever increasing opposition to examine the effect of their influence on the matter.
    I believe many oppose the initiative based on the merits-or lack thereof-yet I believe many also oppose for purely "emotional" reasoning
    i.e. if "he" thinks it is a good idea, then I cannot. A sort of "guilt by association" phenomena that has plagued the discussion from the onset. Who was it that decided "sanctimony and threats, let's run with that until someone conducts a poll" Brilliant strategy. Look where it has brought you.

  7. What is wrong with increasing bus transit. Rubber tire that can adapt to changes over time. I really don't get this fixed rail argument. This argument that people are scooping up properties because we are putting in rail rather then increased bus service just doesn't make sense. The operator of the new rail system will take the revenues from the service thereby reducing the revenues to the HSR along the most profitable route.


    1. Agreed. Just increase the HSR's operating budget and lock into the 10-year transit levy. Don't give council the option of watering down investment in transit.


  8. Theres almost zero chance of any economic uplift due to new development. Theres no upgrading of infrastructure. And theres no way to "lock in" the 10 Year Transit Plan. No one with any sense thinks Terry Whitehead or Donna Skelly are going to vote to spend money to improve any form of public transit, bus or LRT, in their wards or mine.



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