Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mayor Eisenberger Keeps Pushing

With a crucial vote that may effectively derail Hamilton's LRT objectives, the Mayor continues to go all out to persuade his colleagues and Hamiltonians. The following is an email the Mayor sent this afternoon to his council colleagues, copying the media.

Colleagues, Attached is a great article about the economic uplift realized and to be realized in Kitchener/Waterloo as a result of their LRT investment. According to Regional Chairman Seiling the 13 station stops has already generated 1.8 Billion dollars of investment around them. That does not include the additional investment that have been realized in between stops. Please read the article for added additional information re: real estate forecast. http://www.cushwakewr.com/news/right-track-real-estate-insights-region-waterloo-rapid-transit-system
Cheers Fred


  1. I am a 58 year old male who lives in Westdale. I heard the mayors comments today on the news about this survey being slanted towards people my age. I am a little offended. People my age built this city and our parents. I am sorry I am not a melleniual who expects everything handed to them. I worked all my life and my father did as well. I dont want to offend the mayor but I feel like he does not understand our city anymore. I don't know who he has been listening to.


    1. "People my age built this city and our parents."

      When you were young. And when your parents were young. The kids you want off your lawn were you/them at one point in time.


    2. I think the assumption that because we are a certain age, we would not want what is best for our children and grandchildren is bogus. The argument is "what is best?" And many of us, at least 55% (I suspect more) believe that LRT is a wrong investment, as opposed to other things we could be doing on the transit side- like BRT- which makes way more sense to anyone who has any common sense.

    3. "other things we could be doing on the transit side- like BRT- which makes way more sense to anyone who has any common sense."




    4. Rimshot,

      Search back in The Hamiltonian archives and see how Sorce felt and feels about:

      -public transit
      -taxpayer investment in public transit
      -how Socre feels about his tax's funding public transit
      -the bus only lane

      Not hard to see why when Socre gives advice on how to build the best transit for Hamilton those suggestions are treated accordingly.

      Allan Graham

    5. Save yourself the trouble. I plan to release a collection called Hamilton Antiquities- an educational product soon to be available at the arts and crafts shops. Comes with a free latte and a Presto card.
      Sorce oakav

      BTW what's your point. state it clearly and I will respond. Not much into puzzles on this great Sunday morning. Think I'll got for a long ride later in the day. Ah the freedom

  2. "If anything, this should be a wake-up call to the pro-LRT people"
    You might think, yet this camp is quite obsessed. Fred is certain if he continues banging his head against the wall, the results are sure to change.
    Champion a "new, improved poll" Direct it toward whichever demographic you believe best serves your interests, then live with the result. I dare you.

    mike orangefield

  3. Sure, let's listen to unproven facts from a lifer politician in KW. What else would you expect him to say?


    1. Jimmy says: "...unproven facts from a lifer politician in KW"

      Change "unproven" to "proven and Jimmys right. Otherwise hes wayyyy wrong.

      From The Record,

      LRT construction helps local economic outlook: report


      "WATERLOO REGION — Light rail construction will help keep the local economy strong through 2015 and into next year, according to a report released last week"

      Heres another set of proven facts Jimmy can dispute, ignore, spin. Whatever.


      "Development has soared along the LRT Route, primarily in the Downtown Cores of both Waterloo .and Kitchener. Once the announcement was made for the LRT route through Waterloo and Kitchener, 21 separate construction cranes could be counted along the line.[i] One of the key factors driving development around the Ion LRT route is the permanence of the infrastructure. While developers may take bus routes into consideration when in the planning stages of a project, few if any, will launch a project based on the strength of the bus transit due to the transience of bus routes. LRT is the opposite. There is no rerouting of the line once it is in, and this has driven development"

      Pretty easy to find. Unless you dont want to see. I wonder if Jimmy was polled and counted himself as "familiar" with the Hamilton LRT. Jimmy is certainly ignorant of what is happening an hour away in KW.

      James Taylor

    2. it isn't complete yet?

  4. I think the mayor should give up on LRT, implement BRT and focus on PRT (Poverty Reduction Table)

  5. quite impressed with the delegation from Lachlan Holmes this morning, the young man makes some very valid accessibility concerns which are addressed with LRT boarding ability. Although I still believe a system that reduces access from 40 to 14 stops creates increased challenges to the majority with mobility issues, the issues he describes are valid and require some sort of immediate attention.

    And how about the presentation from Ted Gill? Where has this voice been in the discussion. If the Mayor had chosen Gill to oversee public relations (as opposed to Ryan McGreal) this thing may have met with a lot less resistance. His case for BRT over LRT was compelling.

    It is a shame the chair doesn't have a little more discretion with time limits. More of Lachlan and Ted, and less of Keanin and Ryan.

  6. James Taylor, I have followed the LRT project in Waterloo Region for many years. I am there everyday of the week and have insider knowledge of the good, the bad and the ugly.

    All I am saying is don't believe the hype and drink the water. Do the research, don't take politicians and realtors at their word. One needs to broaden their research. It is not all sunshine and lollipops.

    My point is, one cannot make their decisions based on one side of the coin. Consider many sources.

    It is difficult no doubt as there is a lot of information to digest on both sides of the argument.


  7. Just wanted to add that I was not polled James Taylor. I was thrilled that it took place in an effort to understand the viewpoints of such a large populace. I recognize that I am shaped by my own life and professional experiences and understand that I am but one cog of the wheel of the greater community and want to hear and consider the opinions of others in respectful discourse without insulting people whom do not share the same opinions.

    Anyways, commenting on Jim Graham's post. I agree, it is so nice to hear from ordinary people and especially the youth in our City.

    That is the unfortunate thing, people such as Keanin who represents a specific group that needs to be considered given their representation of the business community and Ryan who operates within an echo chamber vis a vis social media and the web are given more consideration than others, the lay people, the future generation. We need to consider everyone's opinion and I think it is invaluable to hear from people such as Lachlan and Ted and thank them for taking their personal time to share their thoughts. I appreciate their insight along with those found on this website.

    One of the great things about this website I have found and hope it continues is that it provides a forum for people to present their opinions. I just hope that those with differing viewpoints are not marginalized and insulted as was attempted to me.

    Keep it up Hamiltionian, I will be more thorough in my responses, I understand that James Taylor may have interpreted my short comment as inflammatory, I won't do that again so that I don't receive such a negative and insulting response.

    I value this forum.



    1. attempting to marginalize dissenting opinion is the only reason some show up, it is their true motivation, yet you have shown there is nothing to fear from those who lack the courage or conviction of their opinions.Truth is their contribution is just as valuable- albeit for differing reason.
      I too find the objectivity refreshing, particularly with this conversation.

    2. Here the challenge for you Jimmy. I hope your up to it cause it will really help. Lets just break your comment down here

      "Do the research, don't take politicians and realtors at their word. One needs to broaden their research. It is not all sunshine and lollipops.

      My point is, one cannot make their decisions based on one side of the coin. Consider many sources."

      Ok. I will try. I will try hard. But you gotta help me Jimmy.You dont provide any sources or citations or links to data or anything like it.

      Your whole point is:

      "Dont believe everything you hear. Believe everything I say and you dont hear"

      You say I need to see "the information" about the "true" state of LRT in KW?

      Then start showing me some "information" on what you say is the "true" state of KW LRT.

      I have provided countless links to reports from two separate municiplaities within an hours drive of Hamilton that show the benefits in both economic development.

      You say "Look to to other sources"

      Im looking to you cause your the one trying to make a point that the available public information is wrong. Yet you cant or wont provide any data or information to back up your point.

      Please provide some facts about these two cities that worries you and should worry me.

      I have provided links the untold and various investors builders planners and developers all stating Hamilton LRT is important to their plans and no LRT will affect their decisions.

      Show me some business organization or economic development group that feels differently?

      Please show me a economic analyst or planner or builder that disagrees with Councils and Metrolinx LRT plan and I will read it.

      You talk about the only organizations promoting LRT cause they will benefit from LRT and we should be cautious of capitalists like developers and builders.

      Ok. I dont agree but fine. And RTH lets ignore them too.

      What about the other 100 organizations that support LRT in Hamilton Jimmy?

      Anti poverty groups, advocates for people with disabilities, labour groups, the hospitals, the schools, the neighbourhood groups, the environmental groups.

      Thats a lot of average ordinary everyday people supporting LRT that arent going to get rich off it.

      If there a group opposed to LRT in Hamilton, let me know who they are.

      Looking forward to your citations.

      James Taylor

    3. Please clarify.

      We need to consider everyone's opinion and I think it is invaluable to hear from people such as Lachlan and Ted and thank them for taking their personal time to share their thoughts. I appreciate their insight along with those found on this website.

      I thought you didnt not like Ted McMeekin in the extreme. Did you have a change of heart or I got it wrong?

      Allan Graham

    4. it would be easier if you clarified where it was that you thought you got anything right.


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