Friday, April 21, 2017

With Paul Johnson- on LRT

Enjoy our chat with Paul Johnson Director, LRT Project Coordination, Light Rail Transit Office .

Mr. Johnson:
Can you advise if any representatives from the utility companies or cable companies have approached the city with any plans or proposals to conduct any upgrade or repair work on the 1km LRT stretch, should the project proceed? If so, what is the nature of their proposals.

Paul replied:

Third party/private utilities deal directly with Metrolinx on this project. I asked Metrolinx for a statement regarding your question below and their response was as follows:

“There is ongoing engagement with private utility companies. Part of this engagement involves identifying potential enhancements that they may require in the corridor. At this stage in the project, these discussions with utility companies are ongoing and at this time there is no further information to share.” 

Thanks Paul for facilitating this response. 


  1. Replies
    1. More no information?

      Please help.

      I understand why you might be clutching your head in agony and yelling:

      "No more information!!!"

      But what exactly does "More no information" mean?

      Thanks again

      James Taylor

    2. It means a question goes unaswered yet again

    3. Unanswered? Check the definition of unanswered.

      He said "its not in my domain. Im not the responsible party for that area. However, I will try and be helpful and get the best answer I can from Metrolinx. here is there response. Feel free to follow up with them.

      Question asked, question answered.

      James Taylor

  2. "Mr. Johnson:
    Can you advise if any representatives from the utility companies or cable companies have approached the city with any plans or proposals to conduct any upgrade or repair work on the 1km LRT stretch, should the project proceed? If so, what is the nature of their proposals"

    I see where your going with this.

    Youve learned Gary Moore, Director of Engineering for the City of Hamilton has presented his data.

    According to Mr Moore, even though there are no major, immediate issues with the pipes along the LRT route, by having Metrolinx replace them the city will save 200 million dollars.

    I bet The Hamiltonian is going to start looking at the hydro lines being replaced upgraded and buried at Metrolinx expense.

    The cabling being replaced upgraded and buried at Metrolinx expense.

    If we add those unknown tens of millions dollars in savings to Hamilton taxpayer to the 200 million in savings already laid out by Mr Moore, this would be huge!

    Once The Hamiltonian has an estimate on total savings from the Metrolinx infrastructure upgrades, we can start talking about how those hundreds of millions of dollars can be reinvested over decades in Stoney Creek, Flamborough, Glanbrook, West Bev, East Bev. Every Hamilton taxpayer saving, all areas of Hamilton benefiting.

    Your going to scoop the Spectator on this one!

    Good on yiz.

    Ian Paisley

    1. ps.

      No Surrender!


    2. No upgrades are paid for. Only moving existing

    3. Gary Moore, Director Of Engineering used the word replace. If Metrolinx replaces the pipes, Hamilton taxpayers save 200 million dollars.

      Remember Allan, saying "the pipes dont NEED replacing" is exactly the same as

      "Hamilton chooses to ignore the expert advice of its own Chief Engineer. We dont want to save Hamilton taxpater 200 million dollars. We are going to listen to Allan Taylor instead"

      James Taylor

    4. I don't blame Mr. Johnson but it is far froma satisfactory answer.

      from the sidelines

    5. How so?

      "but it is far from a satisfactory answer"

      He says Hamilton taxpayers save 200 million dollars by having Metrolinx replace the pipes.

      What part is "far from satisfactory?"

      James Taylor

  3. Work doesnt need to be done at the expense of work th does. We arent ignoring anything

  4. Here's the thing. I drive my beamer and my transmission goes. I take it to the shop, and he says, we're gonna have to drop in a new tranny. I say , well, if I have no choice, sure. He says, well, while the tranny is out, we may as well replace the (name the part here ______). It probably has another 20 years on it, but it's hard to get to and I think I can get Joe down the street to pay for that part. We could put an upgraded one in.

    Anyone might say, sure. I don't have to pay for it, and the car's ripped apart anyway.

    Imagine the conversation if I took the beamer in for an oil change and he says. Let's take apart your car and get at that (name the part here____). It doesn't need to be fixed now, but why wait? We could put an upgraded one in.

    So, the pipe thing makes sense if LRT was a forgone conclusion and there was value in doing it. But LRT is far from a forgone conclusion and it's dead. So, you can;'t use the upgraded part reason as justification to take apart the car, unless the car had to be taken apart regardless.

    1. and and for those of you who keep asking what does oakav stand for, no, that's not my last name . It stands for "of all knowledge and virtue."
      Sorce oakav

    2. Heres the thing. The tranny in your beemer goes.

      The mechanic says I will replace the tranny, which needs it.

      He then says "let me put a new set off tires on?

      You say "Theyre brand new, why would I do that?"

      He says "Cause if you take the new tires you say you dont need I will give you 800 millions dollars"

      And you say no and walk away, leaving the 800 million dollras on the table AND the tranny unfixed.

      Please change OAKAV to LAKAV.

      James Taylor

  5. Captain HamiltonApril 23, 2017

    To add to Mr. Sorce's point, it is only natural that these companies will be consulted and that they may need to do work to make sure the lRT works, if it goes that way. But I doubt they'd be clammoring to rip up our streets otherwise.

    The Captain

    1. Captain HamiltonApril 23, 2017

      the source of all knowledge and virtue? really?

      The Captain

    2. "But I doubt they'd be clammoring to rip up our streets otherwise"

      The province would be tendering construction contracts worth 800 million.

      And companies wouldnt be "clammoring" to get the contracts.


      Allan Graham


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